Thursday, May 11, 2017


Name… Kevin Wilczynski


When did you start CrossFitting…  Started cross fitting in August 2016. Toured the facility with one of my daughters and she thought I would enjoy it.  Turns out to be true…

Favorite wod… Almost anything without running…but really like Saturday Partner WODs, even if I have to run a little bit.
Least favorite wod… Anything with running.
Favorite lift… it may just be the snatch
Least favorite lift… back squats…these old knees feel it the next day.

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)… Moved back to CO with my wife Chris, who grew up in Littleton, after being away for 25 years.  I work for FedEx and moved from Memphis.  I raised my 2 daughters in western Washington and they both reside in the Seattle area.  They join me at CFCR anytime they visit.  I enjoy all sports, mostly hockey and football.  I get the luxury of working from home when not on the road, and love the flexibility of the class schedule.


What were you doing before CrossFit…I was always very active before cross fit.  Started group fitness about 6 years ago and before that played team sports, lifted weights, and stayed active with my girls.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout… “why do they do so much running?” just kidding…I was humbled by how challenging it was to complete, and knew I had to get better.


What were your goals when joining CrossFit… my goals were pretty simple.  Complete the wod, and improve my lifts, make some friends at the gym.  After a several weeks I could really see changes and that drove me even more.  Combined with the other athletes and coaches it’s been a great experience


Have you achieved any of those goals… the goals achieved have exceeded my expectations.  I have held up remarkably well. I think the coaches are awesome in how they make members feel, regardless of skill.  There is no pressure if you modify and they will still coach you up to get the movements’ right.


Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym…. I’m in the best fitness shape of my life.


Any advice for people getting started…stay with it…Be smart, the only person you’re competing with is yourself.…Participate in the Open.


Some of your recent accomplishments… my pacing during a WOD is much improved.  Kipping pullups, along with toe to bars.


What makes CFCR special to you?  The coaches and other members…coaches made me feel welcomed and like I belonged.  They stay patient and coach to improve.  The other members are great…no matter what class I go to I always connect with someone.



Find 3RM Thruster


 100 Calorie Row for Time.

*2 Scores for the Day.

Core Down
2 Rounds

30 Second Handstand Hold
15 GHD Hip Extensions

Jim 135/615
Best 185/641
Gary 145/709
Jared 165/326
Big Ben 185/345
Jeff W 165/523
Brett 190/426
Zach 135/502
McKown 185/412
Chuck 115/652
John A 125/658
Mroz 187/408
Bill H 195/513
Kapitan 187/459
Nate 165/511
Josh P 197/438
Mike 175/454
Max L 175/359
Ryan 145/513
Vance 165/455
Nick 95/644
Curt 185/428
PDiddy 175/449
Kyle 205/429
Joseph 155/703
Chris 115/608
Travis 135/517
Jason 165/541
Bob 135/411
Danny 195/447
Alan 135/618

Megan 85/630
Amanda 95/704
Aimee O 85/744
Joni 35/920
Janet 65/754
Liana 80/803
Michelle 90/741
Tonya 85/808
MS 75/1010
Carol 95/839
Christy 105/748
Amber 70/938
Tweedy 115/704
K Dawg 125/623
Mandy 115/734
Carolann 115/740
Marion 105/606
Jenny 125/658
Hollywood 105/725
Annie 105/755
Amy B 95/714
Kelli 100/744
KK 115/707
Ellie 90/801
Fran 115/752
Meredith 120/611
Sarah 135/612
Alicia E 65/ 858
Robin 105/712
Sarah 70/840
Kristi 85/731
Nataleigh 90/831



1500 Meter Row
21 DB Thrusters
21 Sit Ups
750 Meter Row
15 DB Thrusters
15 Sit Ups
500 Meter Row
9 DB Thrusters
9 Sit Ups

 Core Down

2 Rounds

30 Second Handstand Hold
15 GHD Hip Extensions

Munique 1823
Jon 1610
H Mroz 1924
Sabrina 2041
Ashleigh 1826
Nicholl 2038
Craig 1849
Kevin 1630
Karen 1939
G Lord 1759
Suzie 1930
McKown 1519
Belinda 1655
Marion 1641
Meghan 1840
Sprinkles 1659
Jen R 1921
Jen S 2035
Joe 1901
Shannon 1930
Aaron 2120
Becky 2110
Mark 1730
Patrick 1744
Jeff 1733


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