Thursday, May 4, 2017

verb  cher·ry–pick \ˈcher-ē-ˌpik\

Definition of cherry–pick
     intransitive verb
            :  to select the best or most desirable
     transitive verb
            : to select as being the best or most desirable; also :  to select the best or most desirable from cherry–picked the art collection

If someone cherry-picks people or things, they choose the best ones from a group of them, often in a way that other people consider unfair.


CFCR Members,

What a great opportunity to work on your fitness with 100 burpees for time! The last time we had this workout we posted it as a “mystery wod” which led to a lot of hype and perhaps quickly changed to despair as you showed up for class and saw the workout. This time around you have time to mentally prepare and get ready for this wod. I hope you will take this as an opportunity rather than a day to skip out on burpees! Remember CrossFit is about punishing the specialist and creating a broad, general and inclusive fitness. While burpees may be a weakness or hold a deep deep hatred in your heart let’s not cherry pick by coming to the workouts we enjoy or are good at. See you in class!




Find 3RM Front Squat


100 Burpees Over Bar
*10 Minute Time Cap

*Compare scores to August 30th, 2016

Core Down

2 Minute Tabata:

V Ups

J Fruh 828
Jim 85
Megan 948
Big Ben 85
Amanda 820
Gary 956
Erin H 85
Amanda 67
Nicholl 758
Sully 836
Mandy 920
Travis B. 733
Christa 944
Brett 648
Matt V 654
Chuck 958
Toph 915
Carol 69
Connor 631
Kristen 62
Hollywood 951
J Tob 538
Jenny 902
T Nasty 528
Andy 831
Max 458
Annie 949
Carrie 950
Gregg 856
Amy B 928
Brain 834
Bob S. 851
Jason P. 920
Ellie 940
JLay 855
Kyle 750
KK 631
Sarah 808
Joseph 700
DLay 625
Meghan 943
Danny 856
PDiddy 709
Travis 805
Kate 951
Katrina 843
Natalie 1000
Sam 736
Michelle 820
Don 95
Chris 936
MRoz 907
Tracy 99
Susie 86
Adam 908
Deanna 84
Walter 947
Alan 95
Nataleigh 96
Megan 71
Rachel 56

John A 71
Bob “69” 79
Jesse 74
Faith 75


Teams of 2:

100 Calorie Row
100 Burpees Over Rower
100 Med Ball Cleans 20/14#

*1 Person working at a time. Must share rower.

Core Down
2 Minute Tabata:
V Ups

Ray-Toph 1905
Munique- Sabrina 1822
Joe/Patrick 1533
Shannon/Erica 1959
Mark/Jeff 1758
Taylor/Jen R 2020

Chelsea/Tessie 2215
Becky 1550

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  1. PDiddy Reply
    So basically... if you skip tomorrow you are a wod cherry picker ;)
  2. Heim Reply
    Is it considered cherry picking again if I cherry picked this same WOD back in August so I don't have a score to compare to?

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