Thursday, October 30th, 2014

<p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>Train Hard, motivated by trainers and visual accomplishments!<br> </strong><strong>New heart monitor program demo going on all day today, come check it out!<img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/Group_training_heart_rate_monitor_Long_distance.jpg”>WOD</strong></p> <p> </p> <p>Shoulder Press</p> <p>7-7-7-7-7</p> <p>WOD</p> <p>EMOM x 14</p> <p>ODD MINUTE: Perform 2 Rope Climbs, then Max Rep Thrusters 115/75# with remaining time<br> EVEN MINUTE: Rest</p> <p>Scale:<br> 1 Rope Climb= 6 Upright Rows using KB 53/35#</p> <p>Score of the Day= Total Thrusters Performed (reps)</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>RX</strong></p> <p>Pete 49<br> Big Ben 47<br> Campbell 50<br> Mark 19<br> Joe H 52<br> Marion 39<br> Kapitan 42<br> Josh P 61<br> Bret 48<br> Bill F 51<br> Andrew L 42<br> Jeremy 44</p> <p><strong>MOD</strong></p> <p><strong></strong>Pat 59<br> Kat 37<br> Alyssa 17<br> Sandy 12<br> Steve C 37<br> Gary 35<br> Nikki 56<br> Jeff 27<br> Brooke 37<br> Michelle 24<br> Curt 82<br> Carolann 85<br> Chris 32<br> Nichole 65<br> Liana 85<br> Linda 40<br> Alicia 45<br> Joe C 33<br> Karen 51<br> Sabina 21<br> Stephens 28<br> Sarah 11<br> Audrey 43<br> Kenzie 45<br> Crusher 46<br> Hollywood 25<br> Garrett 27<br> Danette 45<br> Brynn 49<br> Gale 55 Welcome!!<br> Carrie 37<br> Christine 58<br> Leah 55<br> Erich 31<br> Blake 24<br> Darren 43<br> Jim 32<br> Toph 49<br> Trig 34<br> Rob B 60<br> Jason 57<br> Milt 37<br> Carolina 35<br> Scott E 35<br> Sara 80<br> Nate 44<br> Michelle 43<br> Chris 42<br> Carrie 83<br> Buckland 23<br> Joe 46<br> Jessie 53<br> Ryan 30<br> Jen 47<br> Amanda 76<br> Lauren 51<br> Kyle 88<br> Meredith 49<br> Justin 52<br> Joanna 24<br> Joc 41<br> Dana 46<br> DeEtte 43<br> JBone 47<br> Ron 47<br> Tom 36</p> <p>​<strong>​ALT</strong></p> <p>​Special K</p>

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