Thursday, September 1st, 2016

coach AdamPlease welcome ADAM STELLY to our team!! He is coming on board as a full-time coach and brings with him 5 years experience, of which the last couple of years have been at Crossfit Southlands in Littleton and comes to us with a strong Oly background.
Adam grew up an active person, participating in many sports as kid including martial arts, baseball, football, basketball, and cycling . As a young adult he found himself where many people do after high school, being more than 60lbs over weight and in the worst shape of his life. After seeing the effects of poor health on many friends and family members he committed to getting himself healthy and in shape, for the long haul! He worked hard, lost the weight, and found a passion for fitness that he never realized he had, and set out on a journey to help others like himself who wanted to make a change in their own lives. He eventually found his way to CrossFit and fell in love immediately. Adam developed a passion for the Olympic lifts and has found a niche as a strength and weightlifting coach in addition to helping people find general fitness and learning the ropes of CrossFit. His greatest joy comes from seeing his athletes succeed and reach their goals, whether it be taking weight off their body, or adding weight to the bar! He strives to continue improving his coaching knowledge and experience while spreading the passion for weightlifting and all things strength and fitness to anyone who is interested in improving their own health and happiness.

CrossFit Level 1
USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Mobility



12 Minute EMOM

Minute 1: 5 Unbroken SDHP
Minute 2: 10 V Ups
Minute 3: 15/12 Calorie Row

Level 1: 95/65
Level 2: 115/75
Level 3: 135/85


8 Minute AMRAP:

10 Push Ups
10 T2B
20 Jumping Lunges
Max Unbroken Ring Rows,

Then 3×50% (of max set)

RX: Courtney 3+20
Kyle G 5+6
Heim 4+17
Clay 5+15
Belinda 4+27
SM 7+22
Travis 7+10
Carol Anne 4+8
Cates 4+8
Terra 6+30
Ray 3+10
Nicholl 4+11
Mandy 4+7
Jen D 3+16
Curt 5+14
Cory 7+32
Hollywood 3+10
LMellow 3+11
Justin 6+1
Gary 4+15
Josh 4+18
Chase 4+13
Smitty 6+13
McKown 5+10
Bre 4+18
Carrie 3+23
Max 6+11
Greg 5+18
DLay 5+18
Mer 4+4
Jason 2+15
Alicia 4+40
Michael 3+2
Shayla 3+20
Kayle 5+11
Tom 4+10

M: Ren 5+10
Shaq 4+20
Gary 4+14
Amanda ?
Meghan 4+6
Janet 4+10
Erin 4+15
Barb 3+18
Tonya 4+15
Liana 4+20
Brad H 4+5
Sabrina 4+20
Val 4+25
Jen R 5
Erin M ?
Ginger 5+2
Meghan 4+10
Bri 2+32
Marion ?
Allison 4+14
Angie 4+4
Kevin 4+1
Travis 4+30
Fran 4+5
Annie 4+3
Christine 3+13
Caroline 5+6
Ellie 3+10
Brian 5+6
Christy 4+8
Darren 5
Mark 3+10
Brittany 3+22
Kendra 4
Susie 3+34
Mat 3+1
Katrina 4+22
Katie 4+6
Natalie 4+7
Kelly 4+10
Jeff L 4+18
Kristi 5+6
Nataleigh 4+20
Tiffeny 5
Charity 4+10
Michele 5+11
Melanie 4+20
Alicia E 5+22
Robin 5+15
Jessica 4+20
Jen 4
Deanna 4+20
Allen 4+3
Walter 5+28


on your plateOn Board 4

Power Clean
Front Squats


Buy In: 400 Meter Run

Power Clean
Front Squat
Sit Ups

“Group Stretch/ Foam Roll”

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  1. Fran Reply
    Welcome to our CFCR Family Adam!
  2. Aimee Feldhake Reply
    Welcome Adam!

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