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athletes bre and josh smithCOUPLE ATHLETES OF THE MONTH – AUGUST 2016

Name Josh Smith & Bre Smith
When did you start CrossFitting…
Josh –
January 1, 2013 (New Years resolution)
Bre – 10 months ago!

Favorite wod…

Josh – Helen or Mr. Joshua
Bre – 16.1

Least favorite wod…
Josh – Tommy V.
Bre – 16.3

Favorite lift…
Josh – OHS
Bre – OHS

Least favorite lift…
Josh –Thrusters
Bre – Thrusters

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)…
Josh Born and raised in SE Nebraska (GBR). Went to Ft. Lewis College, then got my engineering degree at CSU. I’ve been in the Air National Guard for 15 yrs. I met Bre at a CU vs. CSU game – shirtless and shot gunning a beer at 8am (me, not her)…love at first site I’m told. We’ve been married for 5 yrs and have 2 wonderful and tiring boys, Kyson(4) and McKaden(2).
Bre I grew up in Castle Rock and we finally got to move back here last year to raise our family. I used to teach 5th grade at Soaring Hawk elementary and quit 4 years ago to stay at home with my two boys (ages 4 and 2). Now I teach online courses through Regis University. 

What were you doing before CrossFit..
Getting fat. I used to work hard in short bursts (usually 6 months) and have great results. Then I’d get bored. Failing a military PT test was my wake up call.
Bre – Before Crossfit, I did stroller strides, (bootcamp type workout with kids in the stroller). I did this for a year and then became a stroller strides instructor and couldn’t ever find time for my own workouts, until I found Crossfit.

 What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout…
THAT SUCKED!!… What time is class tomorrow?
Bre I loved it! I loved the intensity and the competition

What were your goals when joining CrossFit…
Be less fat. Honestly, I still had a short term outlook and just wanted to get in shape.
I wanted to do pull ups and handstand push-ups within my first year.

Have you achieved any of those goals…
Josh –
Yes, and still working on it. I’m happy with my fitness, but not content
Bre – Yes both!

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym….
Josh –
It’s my therapy and keeps me sane (debatable). Therefore a better dad and husband hopefully. But it also helps socially to feel like I’m part of a community of relatively like-minded people.
Bre Yes, Josh and I have definitely bonded over Crossfit. I love getting to workout with my husband. Before, we always did our own separate workout. Now we go to the same gym, know a lot of the same people and help and support each other with our workouts. Also, it’s really helped us feel a sense of community since we recently moved here.

Any advice for people getting started…
Josh –
Everybody has good WODs and bad WODs. But the bad days are the ones that make you better, so try to get comfortable being uncomfortable (aka Embrace the suck).
Bre – There are so many new skills to learn and it can be so overwhelming, especially when you first start. Choose one thing to work on, and work on it until you get it.

Some of your recent accomplishments…
Josh –
I almost beat Longo in a WOD the other day…it’s a moral victory!
Bre – Completing the open and being able to do one thing better than my husband-handstand walks!


What makes CFCR special to you?
Josh –
I came from a much bigger gym, and you lose some of that community feel when it gets that big. I feel like a real part of the CFCR community, even when I am at a class that’s not my norm. And I love my 5:30a class…it’s like a freak show of fitness and always pushes me. Never content!
Bre – Our entire family comes to CFCR every week and we all love it (including my boys in the daycare). It’s a huge part of our lives and it feels like home!

8 Minute EMOM

Odd: 5 Push Press
Even: 10 Box Jump Overs

Level 1: 115/75
Level 2: 135/85
Level 3: 155/105

4 Rounds:

200 Meter Run
15 Slam Balls 40/20#

Core Down

3 Rounds:

5 Candle Stick Rolls
10 V Ups

Gary 756
Amanda 514
Aubree 619
Heim 651
Ryan H 739
Belinda 605
Courtney 644
Clay 551
SM 525
Josh 602
G Mello 611
Gretchen 711
Drew 821
Erica 800
Liana 841
Carolann 739
Budge 825
Shaq 813
Michelle 728
Terra 604 30#
Pdiddy 553
Hollywood 648
Nicholl 642
Mekay 913
Kdawg 635
Marion 610
Aimee 835
Joe 616
Sarah 855
Ray 825
Brad 744
B 703
Ray 825
Latonya 821
Jen 719
J Lord 702
Tweedy 758
Toph 657
G Lord 826
Lauren 739
Christy 736
L Mello 641
Ona 1011
Nathan 829 *Welcome*
Curt 615
Bill H 740
Jodi 656
Kapitan 700
Josh P 652
Bre 611
Frank 702
Kanon 736
Cory 537
Travis 824
Natalie 737
Kenzie 656
Josh 904
Sam 751
Sarah 639
Gregg 629
Carrie 808
Steve 735
Jason 738
Eric 729
KK 554
DJ 525
Aimee 634
Kyle G 548
Jewels 602 #30
GForce 658
Ben 747
Mel 758
Beth 732
Katrina 746
Kate 708
Aime 640
Rachel 800
Andy 703
Corrigan 728
DP 640
Denise 738
Garrett 752
Charity 823
Lori 846
Shala 715
Wes 721
Bri 912
Kristi 730
Jen 717
Walter 710
Deanna 839
Tom 750
Adam 655
Nataleigh 838
Alan 822
Kelli 815
Robin 855
Tiffeny 854
Alisha 850
DLay 650


Longo 636
Janet 753
Tonya 845
Carol 809
Sabrina 917
Annie 847
Kevin 907
Brittany 829
Caroline 814
Zach 640
Adria 824
Brian 936
Sherri 911
Jen 1100
John 752
Hillary welcome
Katy welcome
Kimmy welcome

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