Tuesday, August 19th 2014

<p><strong><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/kirks_bday.jpg” style=””> </strong></p> <p><strong>HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kirk “Trow” we are lucky to have you & hope your day is awesome!<br>  </strong></p> <p><strong>Strength</strong></p> <p>Max Weight Shoulder to Overhead Complex of:<br> 1 Shoulder Press<br> 2 Push Press<br> 3 Push Jerks</p> <p>*Must complete all 6 reps unbroken, as posted before, resting bar.</p> <p><strong>WOD</strong></p> <p>8 minute Ladder:<br> 3 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups<br> 60’ Right Arm Waiter Walk 53/35#<br> 60’ Left Arm Waiter Walk 53/35#<br> 6 C2B Pull-ups<br> 60’ RA Waiter Walk<br> 60’ LA Waiter Walk<br> 9 C2B Pull-ups<br> 60’ RA Waiter Walk<br> 60’ LA Waiter Walk<br> continute to 12-15-18 reps of C2b Pull-ups</p> <p>*Score= Total C2B Pull-ups Performed</p> <p><strong>Rx</strong></p> <p>Vance 56<br> Heim 65<br> Clay 53<br> Steve 40<br> Pete 55<br> Big Ben 38<br> Kyle 45<br> Holly 43<br> Chris N 50<br> Andy 63<br> Chris 45<br> Sgt Pepper 45<br> Taylor 67<br> Blake 45<br> Rimkus 12<br> Brian H 54<br> Marion<br> Greg 53<br> Jared 57<br> Rev (Cory) 84<br> Hollywood 28<br> Jimmy 36<br> Darren 38<br> Ryan 53 *Welcome<br> Stephanie 36 *Welcome<br> Nate 30<br> JLay 33<br> HKilby 45<br> Jason 45<br> DLay 64<br> Steve S 65<br> Bill F 38<br> Richard 51<br> Erich 41<br> Alan 66<br> Tony 54</p> <p><strong>Mod</strong></p> <p>Laura 52<br> Amelia 41<br> Tammy 45<br> Max 36<br> Dave L 46<br> Rick 45<br> Milt 28<br> Sandy 45<br> Brooke 48<br> Andrea 57<br> Heidi 45<br> Gooch 51<br> Kenzie 35<br> Belinda 47<br> Alyssa 48<br> Toph 67<br> Courtney 51<br> Nichole 12<br> Michelle 14<br> Steph 45<br> Amanda 27<br> Audrey 45<br> Alicia 12<br> Liana 63<br> HMroz 45<br> Ginger (Grace) 53<br> Shauna 57<br> Christine 55|<br> Trent 35<br> Big Sexy (Jim) 46<br> Dave 36<br> Cami 45<br> Lindsey 45<br> Michelle 63<br> Carolina 63<br> Laura 63<br> Carrie 51<br> Scott 45<br> AJ 49<br> Alicia H 58<br> Ryan 44<br> Joe 45<br> Gene-O 37<br> Tracy 55<br> Jeff 45<br> Jo 35<br> Meredith 63<br> Erin 54<br> Jen 57<br> Kayle 46<br> Rena 63<br> Wes 46<br> Jennifer 41<br> Deanna 56<br> Min 45</p> <p><strong>ALT</strong></p> <p>Trow<br> Wills<br> Laura R<br> Jewels<br> B<br> <br> <br> <br> </p>

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