Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A message from Coach Taylor about today’s workout:

Why unbroken you might ask? Although the WOD may look like some sick and twisted form of torture, there really is a method to the madness. I think most of us feel disdain towards the life sucking tendency of thrusters, and although extremely potent it is hard to argue with their effectiveness. I decided to write the intended purpose of this workout in hopes the explanation will get you a better workout and broaden your understanding of overall fitness.

What this WOD really breaks down to is interval work. It is less noticeable than a Tabata or typical running interval with specified rest, however the unbroken nature forces a required rest. The next question you might be asking is, why do interval training anyways? To answer that we need a quick review of the three types of energy systems in the body: Phosphagen, Glycolytic, Oxidative (Aerobic). These three systems represent how we use energy and muscle type based upon the activity we are doing.

  • Phosphagen System:
    • High Power Output, Short Duration
    • Primarily up to 12 seconds (up to 30 seconds by sharing use of glycolytic system)
    • Anaerobic “without oxygen”
    • Fuel source= creatine phosphate, stored ATP
    • Examples: Short Sprint, 3RM Power Clean
    • All activity begins with this system
  • Glycolytic System:
    • Medium Power Output, Short Duration
    • 30 seconds to 2 minutes. (up to 4 minutes shared with oxidative system)
    • Anaerobic “without oxygen”
    • Fuel source= blood glucose, muscle & liver glycogen
    • Examples: 400 Meter Sprint to 800 Meter Sprint ( a fast “grace” or “isabel” time)
    • Build up of lactic acid in the muscle is a result of pushing in this energy system.
  • Oxidative System:
    • Low Power Output, Long Duration
    • Activity longer than 3 minutes
    • Also known as aerobic system, meaning “with oxygen”
    • Fuel source= blood glucose, muscle & liver glycogen, adipose & intramuscular fat
    • Examples: Any exercise lasting more than 3 minutes, most specifically at a relatively lower intensity.

Now that we have had a review, let’s talk about CrossFit: “Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal demands.” There are many things we vary in CrossFit and one of those being the type of energy system. Sometimes we lift heavy, and sometimes we do long workouts. It probably seems like we only work the oxidative system because all workouts seem to be longer than 3 minutes. While those of us who are ‘cardio junkies’ love it that way, we need to perform some anaerobic workouts to create balance within our fitness. This happens more than you think because we all know that even though a workout lasts longer than 3 minutes, we almost always rest at some point.

There are a number of ways we could perform this interval work, but today it is with unbroken thrusters. The focus is the anaerobic systems by working between the phosphagen and glycolytic systems. The workout format means you are supposed to rest in between sets and that’s intentional! So the question is, how little rest can you take before the next set? Who is going to take a gamble? Who is going to rest longer than they should? Let’s push our limit today!


For Time:

Unbroken Thrusters

*Thrusters must be performed without dropping the bar. If you break any set you must perform that set again unbroken before moving on.

Level 1: 75/55
Level 2: 95/65
Level 3: 115/75


Deadlift @ 75% of 1RM

Core Down
20 Toe Touches on Plate

Kdawg 638
Nicholl 744
Brett 806
Marion 410
Travis B 612
Matt 711
Toph 805
Bill F 524
Barry 707
Sarah 445
Story 713

Aubree 432
Shaq 603
Joe 428
Smitty 616
Jared 640
Connor 650
Mckown 520
Kapitan 644
Bre 700
Colt 508
Max L 1127
Monique 615
Erin 410
Kayln 825
Vance 529
Special K 555
Danny 602
Jen R 733

Nick 604
Caleb 645
Ren 428
Max 536
Josh 508
Tammi 732
Megan 557
Gary 606
Aimee O. 924 1st RX!
Tonya 716
GMello 307
Beth 445
Sam 452
Jon 531
Carolann 513
Andy P 610
Angie 704
Brad 537
Michael B 830
Christy H 652
Nate 710
Min 530
Darren 403
PDiddy 308
TJ 736
Michelle 549
Kelli 618

Taylor 549
Aaron 623
Janet 433
Liana 436
Hollywood 533
B-rad 450
John A 730
Carrie H 555
Ryan 636
DP 950
Denise 647
Sierra 530
Aimee 626
Alicia 642
Rachel 713


8 Minute EMOM:

Odd: 3 Tall Box Jumps
Even: 8 DB Thrusters

EMOM x 12
7 KB Swings (53/35#) + 7 Burpees

ADV: 70/53#

Core Down
3 Rounds

30 Sec Side Plank Left
30 Sec Side Plank Right

McKown 5

Andy 7
Sully 6
Kevin 5
Sabrina 5
Ashleigh 7
Meg N 7

Roy 4
Barb 5
Gretchen 7
Johnna 5
Jen S 4
Alissa 6
Ray 5
Carlie 5 *Welcome

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