Tuesday, December 30th 2014

<p><strong>Strength</strong></p> <p>3 Position Snatch Complex</p> <p>1. High Hang- Pockets<br> 2. Mid Hang- Mid Thigh<br> 3. Low Hang- At or Just Below Knee</p> <p><strong>WOD</strong></p> <p>Double Unders<br> <br> 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5<br> <br> * Perform 5 Burpees after each round if broken, before continuing to next</p> <p>MOD- 2x singles</p> <p><strong>RX</strong></p> <p>Heim 165/ 12:18<br> Big Ben 145/ 17:50<br> Rick 95/ 17:07<br> Kyle 125/ 8:48<br> Pat 145/8:34<br> Genna 55/13:46<br> Gary 155Pc/16:08<br> Lindsey 75/20:05<br> Cory 115/7:38<br> Hollywood 75/11:37<br> Sherry 75/17:25<br> ABlake 65/17:15<br> Trig 115/14:45<br> JoshP 165/8:10<br> BillH 145/-<br> Steve Sw 205/ 11:17<br> Mroz 135/10:15<br> Kapitan 135/17:58<br> TracySw 100/11:28<br> TWills 70/14:52<br> Alex 105/8:22<br> Haddad 125/9:29<br> Mark 115/18:44<br> Buckland 155/9:42<br> RobB -/21:52<br> Brett 135/11:56<br> JeffC 115/12:58<br> JenP 70/16:08<br> AdamB 125/18:58<br> Amanda 95/13:37<br> Ryan 135/23:04<br> BillF 155/20:06</p> <p><strong>MOD</strong></p> <p>Tammi 65/ 12:14<br> Josh 135/ -<br> J Lord 70/ 15:20<br> Kat 75/ 14:28<br> Bark 75/ 24:26<br> Alicia 15/alt.<br> JD 115/ 14:50<br> Kalyn 65/16:15<br> Matt 145/13:29<br> Nicholl 60/12:58<br> Audrey 60/17:43<br> Karen 70/12:01*<br> Roger 85/14:43<br> Carrie 40/20:00<br> Craig 65/7:57<br> Sara 75/14:15<br> SpecialK 115/15:55<br> Josh 120/16:30- Welcome!!!<br> Alena 65/12:10<br> Brynn 85/15:14<br> Brooke 75/10:11<br> Jon 135/12:15<br> Christine 55/14:12<br> LEsa 25/13:35<br> Michelle 55/16:55<br> Tracy 50/14:40<br> Dumas 75/11:22<br> JLay 95/6:05*<br> PDiddy 145/11:45<br> Joe 105/16:43<br> Erin- / -<br> Laura 65/10:46<br> Andy 115/9:49<br> Darren 105/12:07<br> Nate 105/11:30<br> Michelle 55/13:06<br> Carolann 95/13:47<br> Justin 125/19:38<br> Erik 75/13:15<br> Carolla 25/20:30<br> Randy 75/21:30<br> Ryan 65/17:05<br> Tom 95/15:46<br> Ally 25/20:06<br> <br> </p>

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