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tay-oach-2By Taylor Sleaford

I believe coach is synonymous with teacher. That being said I have found a weird “theme” in American culture when it comes to the world of health, fitness, strength & conditioning, and nutrition. Many people try to teach themselves. They want to lose weight, start eating better, or train for a specific goal (marathon, adventure race, weightlifting meet.) yet they think they can learn everything on their own.

While there is a lot of free content out there, the challenge becomes finding good information. And unfortunately this often leads to being misinformed and reaching for trending fads that don’t work. The truth is that this field is not unlike the rest of the world where you get what you pay for. So whether you want to compete at an elite level, lose weight, get in the best shape of your life, or nail down your nutrition you should seek professional coaching.

I specifically use the word coach because I think there is something invaluable with finding a true coach. Coaches are simply teachers with an added value. A good coach will teach and challenge you to become better, but they will also guide you along the way. Following a diet or free training plan is possible, but you are just following a generalized template. Maybe it’s not right for you, but there’s no feedback to tell otherwise.

Nutrition is probably the best example of misinformation. One big problem is people not eating enough. WHAT?! Yeah that’s right, not enough food can make you gain weight. Starving yourself doesn’t work. If you are eating the right kinds food, the amount of food is probably the least of your worries. There is so much misinformation out there when it comes to nutrition that it is of no surprise why our country is so unhealthy. Although this problem is rooted in a bigger societal problem in the need for a quick fix. Many would rather choose to supplement with a shake or crash course diet for short term results. Except nutrition is about a long term lifestyle change. I can’t imagine a better way to implement this than with an expert to check in with you throughout the journey.

Reading this you may think nothing is wrong with trying on your own. I mean with exorbitant personal training fees, why would you pay so much when you know can just do it yourself along with everyone you know? Let’s take a step back. Let’s think about how many things are considered common to hire a “coach”. Driver’s education- why can’t parents just teach their kids? Accountants-most everyone took math. Golf & tennis lessons- There are just as many resources for these sports as there are in the health & fitness field.

The odd thing is that when people actually do take advice from someone, it is with people who have no true experience. Did your doctor recommend a certain diet and exercise regiment? (or worse tell you not to do something specific cough-crossfit-cough). Word of advice- ask your doctor how many nutrition and exercise related classes they took in med school. I’ll give you a hint- it’s probably just as many or less than you! Doctors treat injury and disease. Which unfortunately leads to many prescribing medicine or surgery as a first tier of treatment. They are experts at what they do spending years studying in school, but they are not experts in exercise and nutrition.

You may or may not have been convinced to hire a coach after reading this. Either way I do hope you will at least comprehend my initial statement that you do get what you pay for. If you decided to try things on your own I am not condemning you, in fact I commend you for making an effort. That is far more than most people. If you don’t see the results you are looking for perhaps you will then consult a professional. And I only request that if you do see results you ask yourself if you are truly reaching your full potential by doing this on your own or could you tap into more with an expert? The same way you look to your attorney for legal advice, you can and should look to a strength & conditioning and nutrition coach for your health and fitness advice.


“CFCR” Total

Find, 1 Rep Max Shoulder Press
Find, 1 Rep Max Front Squat
Find, 1 Rep Max Deadlift

*Score= Total combined weight from each lift.

If total is completed with time left, complete:
3- 1 minute Hand Stand Holds, or max effort

Best 865*
Nick 535
Ren 825*
Gary 735*
Smitty 795*
Longo Alt
Kevin 575*
Keith 490
Woo 690*
Sully 715*
G Lord 635
Brett 865*
Kapitan 735*
McKown 805*
Herder 1,005 *
Toph 935 *
Mike 655 *
Ryan 615*
Max L 705*
John A 600*
Andy 520*
Greg 810
B-Rad 630*
Bill H 920
Nate 725
David D 735*
Dave N 550*
Min 815*
Gene 720*
Vance 705
Mroz 850
SPecial K 775
Scott 715
Jason 660*
Neeko 1135
Don 445*
Joseph 955*
TJ 535*
Ryan 665
DP 735
Corrigan 925
Jeff 720
Alan 665
Walter 565
Patrick 585
DLay 840
Tom 605
Matt 835

Amadna ALT
Erin 365*
Barb 350*
Tonya 365*
Michele 390*
Liana 405*
Janet 360*
K Dawg 530
Nicholl 490*
Mandy 490*
Melissa 340
Jenny 465*
Jen D 475*
Marion 515*
Jen C 505
Bre 490*
Annie 505
Carrie H 535
Lindsey Mello 460*
Christy H 410*
Ellie 355*
Sam 380*
Sarah 575*
Chelsea 450
Michele 445*
Tracy 395
Dawn 470*
Erin 490
Jen R 535*
Natalie 470*
Katrina 310*
Sarah 385*
Shannon 245
Alicia 315
Robin 420
Deanna 360Denise 395
Kristi 345
Brittany 305




Calorie Row
Plate OH Alt Lunges 45/25#
Burpee to Plate
Plate G2OH 45/25#
Core Down
3 Rounds:

10 Push Ups
10 Hollow Rocks


Jeff 1845
Gretchen 2207
Jenni 2520
Sully 1530
Glord 1835
Nicholl 1518
Brett 1435
Kapitan 1615
Sabrina 1954
Steve 1954
Val 1811
Court 1840
Amy 1920
Mckown 1401
Jon 1730
Travis 1350
Meg N 1632
Fran 1807
Kelli 1949
Connor 1617
Nikki 1950
Rick 1615
Joe 15:26

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