Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

<p><strong><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/on_ramp_1214_2.jpg” style=”width: 720px; height: 550px;”> WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST MEMBERS!!  Great On Ramp!<br> </strong><strong>Esther<br> Randy<br> Carola<br> Kelsay<br> Barnett<br> Be sure to welcome them when you see them in classes! </strong></p> <p><strong>Strength</strong></p> <p><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>EMOM x 10</span><br> Power Snatch (TnG)<br> Adv- 4 Reps @ 135/85#<br> Int- 4 Reps @ 115/70#<br> Beg- 4 Reps @ 95/65#</p> <p><strong>WOD</strong></p> <p>8 minute AMRAP:<br> 10 Deadlift <br> 10 Burpee over Bar</p> <p>Weight:<br> Adv- 225/155#<br> Int- 185/125#<br> Beg- 135/95#</p> <p><strong>ADV</strong><br> Terra 4<br> Meegan 4+7<br> Clayton 6+3<br> Milt 4+4<br> Curt 5+13<br> Vance 6+5<br> Matt 4<br> Alicia 4+4<br> Toph 4+10<br> Mark 4+13<br> Joe 5+8<br> Cory 6+8<br> JoshP 4+10<br> J Lay 4+13<br> Tim 6<br> Carrie 4+15<br> Adam B 4+1<br> Carolann 5+15<br> Amanda 4+17<br> Min 3+6<br> Erich 4+7<br> <br> <br> <strong>INT</strong><br> SteveS 4+4<br> Pete 4+11<br> RyanF 4+10<br> MattH 4+16<br> Tammi 4+8<br> Josh 4+4<br> Keith 4+4<br> Pat 4+18<br> ChrisL 3+16<br> Jeff 4+8<br> Devon 3+5<br> Danette 3+3<br> Garrett 4+7<br> Nichol 5<br> Marie 5<br> Hollywood 4+10<br> Steph 3+6<br> Grace 5+6<br> Haddad 5+1<br> Brynn 4+10<br> John<br> JenP 3+17<br> Brooke 5<br> Tracey 4+7<br> Taylor 5<br> Ryan 4+4<br> Michelle B 3<br> Nate 4+5<br> P Diddy 4+16 **My Zone 591 calories <br> Scott E 5+5<br> Sp K 4+2<br> Alicia H 5+19<br> DP 5+5<br> Adam V 4+18<br> Jennifer 4+8<br> Wes 4+13<br> <br> <strong>BEG</strong><br> Katie 5+3<br> Courntey 5+1<br> Justin 5+2<br> Nikki 4+8<br> John 4+10 **My zone 478 calories<br> Sarah 4+10<br> Michelle 4+14<br> Joc 3+11<br> Aimee 4<br> Carrie 3+15<br> ABlake 3+16<br> Craig 2<br> Kyle 4+15<br> Christine 3+14<br> Lesa 4+4<br> Breane 2+14<br> Esther 2+14<br> Mike 5+6<br> John 3+10<br> Leah 3+9<br> Kelly 3 Welcome!!<br> Eric W 3+13 *WELCOME*<br> Laura T 4+1<br> Dumas 4+5<br> Brad 4+15<br> Carolina 4<br> Kara 2+10 *WELCOME*<br> Stacey 2+17 *WELCOME*<br> Mendie 5<br> Randy 3+3<br> Carola 2+10<br> Dana 3+14<br> Ryan 5+10<br> Genna 4+6<br> Tom 4<br> Wilma Jane 4+12<br> Deanna 3+7<br> Brian 5+7</p> <p><strong>MOBILITY CLASS</strong><br> Joanna<br> Andrew L<br> Special K<br> Carolann<br> Adam B<br> Wes</p>

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