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katie normatec2 katie normatec 3COME IN ALL WEEK & TRY OUT OUR NEW NORMATEC SYSTEM – See Coach John for details

The ability to simulate the body’s own blood pumping action separates the Normatec MVP Recovery System from a compression garment.

Blood loses almost all of the momentum created by the heart after it passes through ultra-fine capillaries—the tiny vessels that deliver blood directly to the muscles. To return to the heart, venous blood relies on an entirely different type of pump to cycle back through the body.

Muscle contraction and one-way valves in the veins create a natural pumping mechanism, in which leg muscles play the role of the heart. Engaging this system, however, requires activity. The MVP is designed to mimic this pumping action while lying on the couch. Here’s how it works.


The Body’s Muscle Pump

Muscle contraction squeezes veins and pushes blood out in both directions.

The one-way valve beneath the contracting muscle stops fluid from moving toward the feet, and the valve above the muscle allows blood to pass.

Every muscle contraction—including a stride or step—pumps a little blood past the valve above it and back toward the heart.

Compression garments put pressure on the same blood vessels and reduce the opportunity for fluid to pool in the legs, but do not simulate the squeeze-and-release pattern of body’s own fluid cycling mechanism, the muscle pump. “How Normatec actually compresses—the pulsing, releasing and holding—might seem random, but that’s our patented technology,” says CEO Gilad Jacobs.

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Normatec’s pumping action

1. The MVP starts its cycle, called Sequential Pulse Technology, by palpitating only the lowest chamber around the foot and ankle.
2. After completing a round of pulses, it holds constant pressure in the first chamber and pulses the second, which surrounds the lower calf.
3. While holding those two lower segments with constant pressure, the third chamber begins to fire, further driving fluids up toward the heart. Maintaining pressure beneath the pumping segment “simulates the one-way valves” by helping prevent blood from flowing away from the heart, says Jacobs.
For the fourth step in the sequence, pressure around the foot is relaxed while the chamber around the lower thigh pulses and the two calf segments hold constant pressure. Releasing the pressure on the lower portions “draws a rush of good blood flow back into the area,” says Jacobs.
Up one more level, the upper thigh pulses while the two adjacent pieces hold firm.

The final phase sees the two thigh segments hold constant pressure while the rest of the system relaxes. Then the pattern starts again.

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EMOM x 12 minutes
Even: 2 Power Cleans + 2 Front Squats 185/125, 145/95, 115/75#
Odd: 40 Double Unders or 80 Singles

Deadlift 225/155, 185/135, 115/75#
Burpee over Bar

3 Sets:
10 Pistols or 10 One leg box squat (5 each)
30 Grass-hoppers

Amanda 5:50
Longo 4:52
Travis 4:55
Terra 5:20
Eric 8:00
G Lord 715
Jen R 728
Sully 750
Marion 642
Mark 614
Cory 328
Kapitan 805
Brooke 841
Kanon 714
Gregg 933
PDiddy 537
Vance 453
Josh 615 Welcome
DP 512
Joe 621

Doug 6:42
Kyle 6:24
Ryan 6:46
Tammy 7:42
Gary 7:13
Meeg 7:29
Brad 6:54
Shaq 10:05
Heidi 12:21
Cassie 6:27
Matt S 9:03
J Lord 650
Mandy 806
Aimee 717
Nicholl 746
K Dawg 810
Ginger 616
Brynn 808
Brenda 531
Max 615
Frank 649
Bill H 747
John 839
Woody 914
Steph 820 Welcome
Brett 520
Erich 841
Nicole B 743
Zach 713
Jeff 845
Stone 816
Ron 753
Wes 734
Jen 758

Josh 8:30
Adam 8:18
Belinda 6:59
Gary M 4:44
Barks 11:30
Drew 8:04
Janet 8:48
Liana 9:54
Ren 8:20
Heather B 7:40
Alissa 630
H Mroz 850
Hollywood 542
Sherry ?
Meghan 804
Bre 523
Christine 801
Lesa 756
Dawn 552
Fran 809
Alicia 723
Brett 758
Caroline 521
Lizzy 732
Daisy 701
TJ 913
Claudia 609
Frank 1033
Wilma Jane 716+
Cali 723
Russ 855
Charity 805
Carissa 914
Kristi 626
Denise 648
Colby 915
Ashley 845
Katie 554
David 800
Tom 541
Renee 500
Garrett 615
Austin 852
Adam 601

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