Tuesday, January 20th 2015

<p><strong><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/titanic_flexibility.jpg”>  </strong></p> <p><em>Mobility tonight at 6:30 pm. Don’t be late!</em><em> You wont want to miss it..</em><strong><em><br> </em></strong></p> <p><strong>STRENGTH<br> </strong><br> Clean & Jerk<br> <br> Find 1 Rep Max<br> <br> *Score of the day<br> <br> <strong>SKILL<br> </strong><br> EMOM x 10<br> <br> ODD Minute: 7 Hand Release Push-ups + 7 Box Jumps 24/20”<br> EVEN Minute: 7 Toe-to-Bar + 7 Burpees</p> <p><strong>MOBILITY (6:30 pm)<br> <br> </strong>Shoulder- Specifically for improving the front rack position.</p> <p><strong>LADIES</strong></p> <p>Tammi 95<br> Belinda 115<br> JLord 115<br> Meegan 135<br> Terra 140<br> Amanda 145<br> Liz 105<br> Christy 95<br> Nikki 95<br> Gretchen 55<br> Leslie 105<br> Liana 90<br> Sabina 75 PR*My Zone 343 calories<br> Danette 90<br> Nicholl 95<br> Alicia 125<br> Meredith 105<br> Marie 120<br> Amanda C 55<br> Marion 125<br> Grace 110<br> Aimee 95<br> DeEtte 120<br> Jen P 115<br> Brooke 125<br> Christine 90<br> Leah 90<br> Fran 140 *My Zone 415 calories<br> Ashley 110<br> Barb 175 NICE WORK!!<br> J Lay 130<br> Claudia 55<br> Melissa 75<br> Carrie 130<br> Carolann 130 PR<br> Erin 95 PR<br> KK 110 PR<br> Michelle M 155 PR<br> Deanna 75 PR<br> Alicia 120 PR<br> Chelsea 125<br> Wendy 85 PR<br> Shelby 75 PR<br> Jen 95 PR<br> Dana 60 <br> <br> <br> </p> <p><strong>GENTS</strong></p> <p>Josh 185<br> Milt 165<br> Ryan 185<br> Steve C 245<br> Justin 125<br> Chris 195<br> Keith 160<br> JD 145<br> John B 135 *My Zone 594 calories<br> Ryan F 170<br> Jason 205<br> Toph 235<br> Curt 215<br> Bill 215<br> Joc 120<br> Garrett 185<br> Cory 205<br> Briah H 205<br> John Lay 235<br> Nate 175 PR<br> Dumas 140 PR<br> Scott E 185 PR<br> Jack 145 PR<br> Rob B 205 PR<br> DP 185 Snatch *My Zone 505 calories<br> Leiner 205<br> P Diddy 235 Clean PR *My Zone 538 calories<br> Campbell 175 PR<br> Best 195 PR<br> Erich 215 PR<br> Barnett 155 PR<br> Gooch 165 PR <br> Kilby 205 PR<br> Ryan 95 PR<br> Anthony 210 PR<br> Adam 150 PR<br> Tom 145 PR<br> Alex 160<br> Ron 175 Clean PR<br> Wes 155 <br> Randy 155 </p> <p> </p> <p><strong>ALT</strong></p> <p>Kyle<br> Clayton <br> Ray</p> <p><strong>MOBILITY</strong><br> Wes <br> Leiner<br> A Budge <br> Gooch <br> Erich <br> Meredith <br> Carolann <br> DP</p>

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