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Just Include Good Food

Compliance = Results.

The health and wellness community is stuck on an “all or nothing” mindset. Article headlines read “Flat Belly Food – Delicious ways to Beat Stubborn Ab Flab!” or “Fight Fat! (and Win!) Avoid these 10 Common Food Faux Pas!” The problem with this “eat this – not that” approach is that we are making things much harder for ourselves. Here’s why:

1. We don’t eat food items in isolation.

It is almost impossible to achieve a well-balanced diet that is sustainable if we are so distracted by the quality of each food item on its own. Take a step back and take your whole diet into consideration. Rather than labeling each food item as good or bad look at the role it plays in your diet as a whole.

Unless you can honestly say you will never eat pizza again, or a cookie, or have a glass of wine, or a piece of cheese – you will drive yourself nuts with the laundry list of things to avoid and miss out on all the amazing foods you should include!

2. Restriction and avoidance make compliance much harder.

Focusing on the food you need to stay away from will only move those thoughts to the forefront of your mind. I can’t have pizza, I can’t have sugar — will quickly turn into I really want some pizza, gimme all the sugar.

I challenge you to flip the script.

Instead of thinking about what we need to stay away from, let’s focus on what we should strive to incorporate. Concentrate on including foods that are packed with micronutrients and improve our health, versus excluding foods that might not have these qualities. The moderation and flexibility that comes with an approach like this will improve your quality of life and turn your diet from a quick fix to a sustainable lifestyle shift.

Make it a priority to start adding in fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and lean meats to your meal plan. Stop villainizing “bad” food. There really is no such thing as “bad” food, and that kind of thinking can lead you right to the bottom of a Ben and Jerry’s pint (rather than enjoying a single scoop). With this simple mindset shift you are going to be eating a lot of high volume food, getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. You will also be full and satisfied, so overindulging is unlikely.



“3 Position” Power Snatch- Find Heaviest Weight

1. Hang Above the Knee
2. Below the Knee
3.  From the Floor

*Each Rep starts from full standing position


1 Mile Run for Time

*2 Scores For Today

Core Down

2 Rounds

:40 Weighted Plank

Mroz 0.5/828
Big Ben 155/645
JFruh 155/655
Don T. 105/1033 welcome!!
Don B. 85/913
Josh C alt.
Scott 65/1035
Shaq -/712 Row
Jeff W 125/714
Budge 115/820
Jared 135/638
Brett 165/716
McKown 145/608
Jason 95/820
Sully 110/708
John A 105/ 946
Max L 135/ 536
Mike 145/ 1020
Zach 135/ 704
Mike G 125/826
Josh 135/719
Joe 135/ 620
Kyle 135/ 631
Joseph 135/ 828
Bill 165/ 624
Darren 115/ 649
Ren 115/ 554 Row
Aron 135/ 1149
Logan 180/ 727 – Welcome!
March 65/ 1008
Alan 95/ 839
Patrick 105/ 629

Amanda alt.
Tammi alt.
Court alt.
Barb 60/919 Row
Liana 60/945 Row
Janet 50/932 Row
Carolann 105/951
Faith 75/1237
Natalie 75/931
Tonya 55/959
Meghan 80/852
Aimee O 55/750
Ellie 65/956
Ashleigh 60/647
Kelly G 65/1132
Hollywood 75/807
Katie 75/1402
Bre 75/1145
Christy 85/751
Annie 85/813
Aimee 92/ 720
Taylor 60/ 753
Erin – / 737
Kate 75/ 746
Susie 60/ 713
Charity 60/ 934
Sam 75/ 756
Katrina 70/ 809
Nataleigh 65/ 1037
Jen 95/ 1003




5 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

10 Hang Power Snatch

10 Overhead Squats


Level 1: 75/55#
Level 2: 95/65#
Core Down

2 Rounds:

:40 Weighted Plank


KDawg 1839
Kapitan 1658
Terra 1547

McKown 1357
Nicholl ?
Connor 1449
Marion 1723
Jen 2256

Val 2023
Munique 1900
Shannon 2256
Patrick 1928
Charity 2103
Erika 2026
Megan 1851

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