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March 2016
Mandy Summers

Name… Mandy Summers
When did you start CrossFitting… January 2015
Favorite wod…
 “Filthy Fifty” ….weird right, but I survived!
Least favorite wod… There are a lot I still haven’t done, but anything with snatches
Favorite lift… Powers cleans, push jerks, front squats…
Least favorite lift… Snatch

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)...I’m a mom to my amazing little dude who is about to be 5. He’s the joy of  my life and I’m so blessed God picked me to be his mom. When I’m not home with my son, I’m off being a Flight Attendant and traveling the world. It’s a love/hate relationship! I’m so excited to be able to say I’ll be based in Denver come May which will free up some of my time and allow me to be home more with my little dude and allow me to come WOD more! woot woot! Win win! I’ve lived in CO just over 5 years now and absolutely love the life I have out here. Hiking, camping, boarding…I love being outdoors and as you all know CO is an amazing place for that lifestyle.

What were you doing before CrossFit..I grew up playing a bunch of random sports. Track was my thing later in life and just running after that with the occasional push-ups and crunches. It was simple. After having my son I struggled to get back into running. A few months on, a few months off…so when I started my crossfit journey I was feeling pretty out of shape.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout...I loved it, I was addicted right away! I was so sore and it was the most satisfying pain. I couldn’t wait to do the next WOD, but I also dreaded it! 

What were your goals when joining CrossFit…To get stronger, to learn the movements and skills

Have you achieved any of those goals…Absolutely! I love being able to look back at the last year and see where I have improved and what skills I have learned.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym….Of course! Example, my son went snowboarding for the first time about a month ago. I decided to teach him and let’s just say carrying a 45lb little boy up the bunny slope in the past may have lasted a few times. I carried him up so many and when I wanted to stop he chimed in, “Mommy, you workout longer then this so you can keep going!” …well played! And he was right, and I did! Also just  a level of confidence knowing I can do it, I can push through and make it. I needed that boost!

Any advice for people getting started…Don’t quit! Scale, scale some more, go slower, finish last, but just show up and give it what YOU have. And little by little you will get stronger. Knowing you did it when the WOD is over is such a satisfying and rewarding feeling. Ask questions, listen to the coaches, they are amazing and know their stuff! We have such amazing resources at the gym, utilize them and be open to critiquing.

Some of your recent accomplishments...I recently got my handstand push-ups! Woot woot! I feel like I have a list a mile long of what I would like to accomplish, but learning a new skill is always going to be exciting as is  getting a PR. And working on technique to build up to that skill is pretty awesome in itself, to know you have your eyes set on a goal and to see how amazing your body is when you train it hard.

What makes CFCR special to you?…What doesn’t make it special?! Everything…everyone is so welcoming, the coaches are all so amazing and they each bring something special to CFCR with teaching and encouraging and helping us become better. The people who you WOD with, sweat with, complain with, encourage, push, cheer on…they become your friends and yall share the awesome experience of FINISHING together! It’s such a great community to be a part of no matter what level you’re at. You cheer each other on to make it and are just as excited, if not more so, when someone achieves one of their goals! I love the feedback that comes during class and I’m so happy to be a part of CFCR community! Thanks for having me and pushing me to better myself. =) You guys rock!


EMOM x 10
Even: 2x 1 Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats 135/85,115/75,95/65#
Odd: 12 Knee-to-Elbow

“Double-Death By”
Buy in every minute with 10 Double Unders OR 20 Singles (does not change). On the top of each minute, after the buy in, add two additional Push Presses until the reps required for that round cannot be completed.  First minute will require two (2) Push Press.  Score for the day will be NUMBER OF ROUNDS COMPLETED + REPS COMPLETED DURING UNFINISHED ROUND.
Advanced- 115/75#           Intermediate- 95/65#         Novice- 75/55#

3 Sets:
12 Ring Rows, elevated feet
8 Candle Stick Rolls, into pistol stance if possible

Heim 9+14
Travis 8+12
Terra 11+15
Eric 8+14
Andy 6+10
B 7+17
Nicholl 6+5
Josh 6+5
Brett 5+9
Bennett 7+12
Dave 6+8
PDiddy 7+10
Ruisi 10+15
Alex 9+1
Joe 8+8
Carol Ann 5+6

Meeg 6
Doug 8+14
Cates 7+13
JLord 7+12
Amanda 13+20
Kyle G 7+7
Josh 8
Gary 6+9
Josh 8
Tammi 6+4
Bob 6+12
Corrigan 7
KK 9+25
Heidi 5+8
APrince 9+15
Jeff 5+7
Christine 6+8
Agster 6+6
Jen 6+18
Sully 7+10
Jon 6+9
Derek 6+6
tqh 5
Grace 6+10
Courtney 7+12
Brooke 7+14
Carrie 9
Annie 6+7
Fran 8
Erich 7+10
Meredith 10+10
Dawn 8
Joe 8+15
Max 6+11
Ren 8+15
Jesse 7+5
Adam 8+7
Liz 7+14
Kayle 5
Jen 7+12
Brynn 7
Ron 9+10

Barks 7+10
Keith 7+10
BMellow 9
Janet 6+10
Roy 5+12
Mendie 5+10
Liana 6
Drew 8+14
John 10+4
Caroline 10+20
Brittany 4+1
Brie 10
Mike 6+5
Frank 7+14
Alli 8
Kathy 7+10
Val 8+15
Megan 8+13
Sheri 10
Brian 7+6
Michael 8+12
Brad 8+11
Darren 8
Mick 9
Joc 7+2
Beth 7+12
Michelle 8+10
Walter 8+10
Jessica 10+18
Daisy 6+9
David 6+12
Francy 13+15
Garret 7+6
Austin 5+8
Alan 6+13

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