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Name…Jocelyn Tweedy

When did you start CrossFitting… May 2013

Favorite wod… Partner WODS, Saturday is my favorite!

Least favorite wod… Anything with pushups

Favorite lift… Jerk

Least favorite lift… Sumo deadlift high pull

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)…I moved to Colorado 10 years ago from Alberta, Canada to be near my parents and go to college. I completed my degree and became a Dental Hygienist about the same time I started Crossfit in 2013. I have been married to my husband, Mitch, for 2 years and we live on a ranch east of Castle Rock. I spend a lot of time at home gardening in the summer, and I love to cook. Together we like to golf, camp, fish and play softball.

What were you doing before CrossFit…I had a couple gym memberships and would work out on my own. My sister would send me programming, because I had no idea what I was doing and lacked motivation.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout…I was really worried my legs would give out, and I would go tumbling down the stairs into the parking lot. I’m pretty sure my first workout was the “filthy 50”. I modified everything and did 30 reps…and almost died. I realized how out of shape I was.

What were your goals when joining CrossFit…I wanted to find something I liked doing, I really hated working out at that point, and it was depressing.

Have you achieved any of those goals…Yes, I love going to the gym now!

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym….Definitely. I live an overall healthier lifestyle; I have a whole bunch of new friends, and I put 10 yards on my golf swing!

Any advice for people getting started…Take your time, and get the fundamentals. Taking the time to have good form in the beginning will save you a lot of energy trying to break bad habits in the future. Listen to your coaches.

Some of your recent accomplishments…I got a 100lb squat snatch a few weeks ago. I used to struggle with only the bar. I’m very happy the snatch is no longer my least favorite lift, thank you Barbell Club!

What makes CFCR special to you?
There is so much that makes this gym special, including great members and awesome coaches. For me, the best thing is working out with my sister (Aubree). She checks up on me, and makes me RX when I really don’t want to. It’s good to have family, friends and coaches that want to push you and support you along the way. Thank you CFCR!




5 Rounds:

12 Deadlift
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Jerk

 *14 Minute Time Cap

Level 1: 115/75#
Level 2: 135/95#
Level 3: 155/105# (This is Rx weight for “DT”)



Stationary Dips (Weighted if possible)


DB Walking Lunges



Core Down

Get Flexy! Ask a coach for mobility help

Max R 1212
SM 737
Jared 1103
Heim 932
Aubree 1111
Marion 727
K Dawg 1005
Longo 549
Bill H 1349
Max L 1132
J Tob 649
Sarah 956
Scott 833 Welcome!
Leef 1001 Welcome!
Meredith 1054
Greg 4+14
Story 1341
Jen R 1313
Kannon 757

Jen D 1049
Carolann 742
Aimee F 1125
Annie 1336
Andy 825
Cory 610
Kyle 1030
Brian 1020
Joseph 1234
Kalyn 805
Belinda 848

Amanda ?
Gary 1116
Jim 1110
GMello 727
Jeff W 904
Brett 631
Woo 1205
Mandy 814
Caleb 1310
L Mello 736
Christy 942
Hollywood 856
Bre 711
Brad 908
Tim 1008 Welcome!
Christine 1236
Michael 1335
Danny 635
Jason 1026
Bob 935
Kate 926
Bob 830
Tracy 1230
Alan 1139
Faith 1311
Robin 824

Angie 1128
Aimee O 833
Barb 1042
Erin 1059
Michele W 904
Liana 945
Latonya 952
Janet 915
Talitha 808
Mississippi 1002
Sabina 1015
Chelsey 1055
Carol 1152
Amber 1002
Alissa 829
H Mroz 751
John A 1104
Ryan 1107
Amy B 710
Kevin 859
Susie 827
Michelle 820
Don 1009
Kevin 9ish
Kara 6ish
Adam 1030
Nataleigh 813
Deanna 721
Walter 542
Alicia 707
Katrina 1150



4 Rounds:

400 Meter Run
30 Air Squats
15 DB Clean & Jerk
Core Down
2 Rounds

10 Evil Wheels
30 Second Plank

Woo 1936
Connor 1716
Nicholl 1732
GLord 2117
Sabrina 2324
Jason 2049
Jon 1822
Karen 2112
Munique 1738
Suzie 1911


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