Tuesday, May 31st, 2016


RULE #6 –

Cheaters have no place in CrossFit.

A cheater is someone who makes a conscious decision to cut (and lie about) the amount of repetitions performed during a workout. The phrase, “if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself” is partly true, but not entirely.

Let me explain why…

Yes, if you cheat, you are cheating yourself. In order to achieve results you should finish the workout prescribed (assuming you are not injured). Your coach has programmed a certain number of repetitions for a reason. Cutting the workout short means you are not getting the desired stimulus your coach intended for that workout.

If you cheat you are also cheating those around you.

An important part of CrossFit is the competition brought on by working out with people of similar abilities. It makes you push that little bit harder and achieve better results through higher intensity. However this relationship is thrown out of balance if an individual chooses to cheat.

Remember, You are what you do repeatedly.

Compliments of: Article by Rory Boyden – 27/7/14


7 Minute EMOM

3 Power Snatch

Level 1: 95/65#
Level 2: 115/75#
Level 3: 135/85#


3 Rounds

20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

40 Double Unders

Level 1: 75/55#
Level 2: 95/65#
Level 3: 115/75#

Core Down

3 Rounds

30 Sec V Ups
30 Second Scissor Kick
30 Second Flutter Kick

Rest 1 Minute



Longo 441
Amanda 506
Clay 523
KK 425
K-Dawg 814m
Nicholl 1057
Carolann 627
A Prince 626
Nicholl 1057
Carolann 627
A Prince 626
Herder 1040
McKown 600
Gregg 656
Erin 632
Bill F 539
Aimee 812
C Mock 642
DP 526
Matt 757


Josh C. 732
Tammi 624m
Karren 801m
Karen 801m
Cory 418
Bill H 651
Brett 435
Brandon 835m
Joe 449
Max 528
Alicia 637
Corrigan 542
Jen 518m


Janet 443m
Lianna 728m
Erin 742m
Carol 827m
Jeff 608
Michelle 616m
Keith 653m
GMello 439
Heather 815m
Aaron 737m
Julie 810m
McKay 1202m
Sabrina 1417m
McKay 1202
Sabrina 1417
Bre 730m
Caroline 751m
Brian 950m
Jen 812m
Brie 741m
Meghan 635m
Best 751
Mike 721m
Mick 721m
Jason 816m
Brittany 757
Gene 804
Andy 640
Cali 653
TJ 738m
Jeff 631m
Lizzie 549m
Denise 656m
Susie 721m
Erika 725m
Rachelle 628
Mat 655 m
Daisy 717m
Garret 605
Katrina 740m
Tanya 732m
Susan 747m
Adam 520
Tom 555
Tracy 612m
Kayle 459
Don 800m
Francy 515m
John 824m

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