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What is Crossfit Pulse?

Crossfit Pulse is a program designed with the specific goal to improve conditioning. The program will have a greater focus on cardio and endurance, without the use of barbells.

Crossfit Pulse will focus around strength building equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls as well as body-weight exercises. These listed strength movements will be combined into a strategic program with our usual mono-structural movements, such as running or rowing, to give the individual the extra conditioning we all could use from time to time.

Crossfit Pulse is NOT intended to be in addition to another Crossfit class in the same day, as with all High Intensity Training, a one hour class is more than enough and the intensity level will be the same as in an all levels Crossfit class.

The program will cater to experienced individuals who want to improve conditioning, those new to Crossfit looking to build a foundation before moving to more technical exercises, and everyone in between!

NOTE*  Tips to avoid Over Training….
If you are going to take part in two a day workouts it is very important to make sure you are aware of the symptoms of over training, and know how to avoid it.
Training multiple times a day puts you at a much higher risk of over training, especially if both of the workouts are at a high intensity. Some symptoms may be dehydration, extreme fatigue, longer recovery time, etc.
To avoid overtraining and its negative symptoms, there are important precautions to take. Vary the intensity of the workout. For example, if your first workout is a hard ten mile run, don’t make your second workout of the day be a long bike ride.
Give yourself time to rest, especially if muscles that were used in the first workout will be involved in the second one as well. 4 to 6 hours is a reasonable amount of time. If you feel yourself struggling to keep proper form on lifts then it may be wise to give yourself more time to rest.
Use one of the workouts to perform recovery activities like stretching and yoga. If you only workout once in a day you may have the tendency to leave the gym right when you are done and completely neglect stretching. A second workout may give you the time to focus on recovery and flexibility, especially if you dedicate a whole workout to that. You may be interested in how to Optimize Your Workout Through Active Rest.


10 Minute EMOM
Odd: 5 Power Snatch
Even: 5 Strict Pull Ups

Level 1: 95/65
Level 2: 115/75
Level 3: 135/85

Overhead Squat 75/55#
Slam Balls 40/20#

ADV: 95/65#
Core Down:

Accumulate 2 Minutes in Plank

Clay 419
Cates 534
Smitty 530
Belinda 346
Aubree 558
KK 439
Terra 348
A-Me 608
Nicholl 545
Kanon 423
Kyle H 457
Carrie h 504
Bre 353
Alicia H 340
Dave 255
Chase 517
Mer 354
Erin 343
Vance 424
PDiddy 336
Kyle 558
DP 507

Budge 613
Ren 425
Josh 358
Court 425
Tammi 454
Longo 415
Michelle 418
GMello 508
Jenny 602
Connor 604
McKown 336
G Lord 606
Herder 558
Marion 522
Mroz 439
Adam 630
Bil H 554
Nate 622
Christy H 618
Max L 332
Justin 510
Anyd 438
Cory 300
Gregg 514
Terri 550
Min 652
Sara 431
Alisa 457
Shayla 623
Kayle 521
Matt 538

Cary 444
Eric 521
Megan 511
Caleb 818
Shaq 534
Leslie 442
Liana 612
Keith 527
Drew 619
Ellie 621
H Mroz 447
Sam 429
Brett 528
Jacob 405
Sebastian 448
Sp K 710
B-rad 446
Caroline 546
Mick 428
Michael 803
Christine 549
Angie 430
Denise 447
Tracy 516
Katrina 524
Katie 610
Kimmy 605
Robin 541
Alan 637
Kristi 456
Tom 609



16 Minute AMRAP:

*1 Burpee
10 Goblet Squat 53/35#
10 KB Swings 53/35#
10 Box Jumps 20”

*Add 1 Burpee every round (For Exampe: Rd 1= 1 Burpee, Rd 2= 2 Burpee, etc. )
*Score= Rounds + Reps. Burpees are not counted in score.
Core Down

50 Flutter Kicks
40 Bicycles
30 Toe Touches
20 Sit Ups
10 V Ups


JLord 6
GLord 6
Nicholl 8
Sam 7
Nikki 6
Debbie 7
Steve 4+13
Mark 4
Meghan 8
Mason 6+8
Natalie 6+12
Jen R. 6


Becky 5
Joni 6
Barbara 6
Gretchen 6
Erin 6
Jenna 6
Jeni 6
Gabriela 5
Carol 8+14
McKay 7+19
Ashleigh 8
Sabrina 7+6
Mary W. 7
Johnna 7
Sharon 9
Katherine 6
Allisa 8+1
Patrick 7
Shannon 6+21
Katie 6+6
Wayne 7+3
Jen 6+12

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