Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Need help quitting processed sugar? I get it! I used to have a huge sweet tooth. Before I became a nutrition coach my daughter at age 10 asked if we could do a challenge of no sugar for 30 days…I cheated on day 3! She kept going so there was no way I couldn’t keep trying with her. I quickly got back on board and when we finally quit processed foods and sugars, we both lost weight and felt better!

The more sugar you eat the more and more you want. Once you kick it, you will no longer crave it. Here are some tips that may help you…

  1.  Start reading labels.  Most all processed foods contain high fructose corn syrup or some other form of processed sugar.
  2.  Take it out of your coffee.  This was the first step I took.  The first few days were a bit rough, but then I got used to it.
  3.  Swap out your flavored yogurt for plain, whole fat yogurt.  Most fat free or low fat yogurts contain extra sugar to make them taste as good as their full fat equivalents.  Not to mention the chemical process that takes place to remove the fat.  Once you are eating plain yogurt, you can add in your own raw honey or fresh fruit to sweeten it a bit.
  4.  Look at your milk.  Milk, especially the flavored kind, can contain a high amount sugar.  This goes for dairy and non dairy.  I know for non dairy, you can buy the plain or unsweetened version.  If you need a little flavoring, you can add a bit of vanilla extract to it.
  5.  When baking, swap out processed sugars for less processed sweeteners like honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar.  Beware of so-called healthy sweeteners. These three sugars are mostly processed in nature. You can even cut the sugar in most recipes and the dish will still be plenty sweet.
  6.  If you are a soda drinker, slowly cut down your consumption until you have quit for good.  Don’t replace soda for diet soda either.  Diet soda is even worse.  Stay away from Vitamin Water as well.  It contains almost as much sugar as a can of coke!
  7.  Start using spices and some foods to make your food seem sweeter without adding any sugar.  Some of those include: cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, applesauce and avocado.  
  8.  When looking at nutrition facts, try to keep your sugar grams under 5 per serving.  4 grams of sugar = 1 tsp.  It’s good to keep that in mind when looking at labels.
  9.  If you get a craving for something sweet, try drinking a glass of water or brushing your teeth.  You might notice it disappear afterward.

Even baby steps that you take can make a big difference….Start with one of these at a time and go from there.

Good Luck!

For information on Nutrition Coaching talk to Coach B orange_circle_with_B

50 Calorie Row

40 Lateral Burpees Over Bar

30 Toes-to-Bar

20 Squat Snatch

10 Muscle Ups Or 20 C2B Pull Ups

Level 1: 75/55#
Level 2: 95/65#
Level 3: 115/75#


3 Rounds:

10 Evil Wheels

20 Russian Twist 45/35#


Level 3: Travis 1448
Kyle 1741
Eric H 1944
Max 2632
SM 1428
Longo 1158
Smitty 1608
Best 1920
Vance 1504
Belinda 1635
Marion 1844
Cory 1425
Marion 1844
Cory 1425
BillH 1950
David 1812
Kyle 1340 MU
Dlay 1453 MU
Ruisi 1530
Joe H. 1901
DP 1214
P Diddy 1627

Level 2:
Amanda 1825
Josh 1710
Kyle G 1741
Eric 2415
Max 1556
Joe 1650 MU
Ryan 1442
KK 1644
Fran 2230
Nichole 2233

Level 1: Sully 1124
Jeff W 1639
GLord 1755
Jen 1706
Frank 1250
McKown 1631
Darren 1700
Erin 1836
Ray 1940
Kayle 1851
Travis 1704
Denise 1552
Kris 2040 !Welcome!

Mod: Tammy 1811
Litanya 1624
Ren 1255
Gary 1536
Roy 1715
Jannet 1757
Michell 1805
Jacob 1802
Keith 1513
Chad 1751
Shaq 1650
Liana 1823
Alysse 1712
Val 1652
JLord 1955
Nicholl 1901
Sherry 1225
B 1102
Karen 1603
Trina 1410
Brad 1652
Brad 1652
SpK 1740
Barks 1606
Bre 1612
NicA 1700
Lauren 1542
Caroline 1540
Molly 2129
Lesa 2100
Christine 1853
David N 1950
Prince 1800
AmyP 1626
Jen 1614
Mer 1457
Cassie 1853
Beth 1803
Court 1623
Joshua 2156
McKenna 1511
Zach 1757
Tracy 1814
Erich 1719
Rob B 1358
Matt 1631
Adam 1734
Ian 1856
Grace 2030
Don 1548
Alicia 1747
Jen 1610
Wilma Jame 1814
Katrina 1749
Beth 1933
John 1930
Susie 1500
John 1930

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