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Your brain is greedy. It needs a lot of energy to work properly and to create neurotransmitters — chemicals that send signals through the nervous system.

Without enough energy or the right nutrients, your brain won’t get what it needs. In fact, one study suggests that eating a lot of nutrient-sparse processed foods could up your chances of becoming depressed by as much as 60 percent.

Other research has shown that nutrient deficiencies often look like mental health problems.

Here are some pathways by which a healthy diet might protect your brain.

Nutrition can get your gut health back on track

Your GI tract does more than move food from one end to the other. It’s responsible for absorbing the nutrients your organs — including the brain — need to function properly, and for constraining harmful bacteria and other molecules so they can’t get access to (and harm) the rest of the body.

To do these important jobs, your gut relies on healthy intestinal cells and beneficial bacteria, which help manufacture vitamins, absorb minerals, and digest food.

If your gut microbiome is out of whack, or if the problem develops, via irritation or inflammation, into full-blown gut permeability (a.k.a. “leaky gut”), your brain could be in trouble.

Consider this: 60 liters of blood are pumped into your brain every hour, providing oxygen, removing waste products, and delivering nutrients. If that blood is nutrient-deficient, or carrying junk that doesn’t belong, it’s going to interfere with your brain’s function — specifically its ability to create necessary neurotransmitters (more about that in a moment.)

As if that weren’t enough, a permeable gut can encourage more inflammation in the body, turning all of this into an ongoing cycle.

Consider this

Most serotonin — the happy-making neurotransmitter — is made in the gut, not the brain. Poor GI health could prevent its production, meaning you’ve got less of those good, happy chemicals in your brain.

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4 Rounds:

100 Meter Farmer’s Carry 53/35#
3 Rounds of Cindy (1 Round=5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats)

ADV= 70/53#


3 Rounds:

10 second hold at the bottom of ring dip
30 second side plank each side

Josh C 1820
Travis 1546
Brett 1914
Toph 2145
Kapitan 1707
Kirk 1700
PDiddy 2452
DLay 1600
Min 3056
Patrick 2135
Jen R. 3100

J Fruh ?
Best 2746
Tammi 2712
Max 3110
Cates 2245
Woo 3057
Jen D 2440
GLord 3038
Steve 2901
Ashleigh 2129
Christa 2200
Cory 1315
KK 2457
Mer 2619
Aimee F. 2112
Kyle 2035
Danny 1948
Travis 1829
Erin 2341
Don 3025
Craig 2359

Gary 2247
Holly 2233
Erin 1946
Faith 2026
Tonya 1700
L Mello 2054
Liana 2110
Janet 2002
Shaq 2821
Natalie 2111
JLord 2653
Val 1858
Carol 2300
Ellie 2109
Bre 2128
Mississippi 2000
Kristin 2324
Tweedy 2340
Amy B 1842
Mandy 2544
Hollywood 2509
Grace 1755
John A 2152
Kylee 2551
Andy 2023
Josh W 2510
Kate 1932
Jessica 2059
Joseph 2029
Jason 2737
Chris 1728
Susi 2418
Michelle 1907
Portia 2526
Beth 2744
Megan 1953
Trina 2059
Shannon 2057
Mark 2235
Erika 1817
Darcy 2310
Mark 2642 Welcome
Lisa 2700 Welcome
Robin 2358
March 2608

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