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This was the question I asked over eighty of you last week. Here are the responses I got in order of most popular…

Protein shake
Pop Tart

WHAT?!? How do you people even survive?!? 😉
Three members had great responses with complete meals (more on this later) and were rewarded! That means in over eighty of you, only three are properly fueling their bodies for what we do here in the gym and in your daily lives!

Us coaches have our work to do in better educating you…
Lets start with what the foundation of CrossFit is…ITS NUTRITION PEOPLE! Each level builds on the level below it, if your nutrition sucks, these things will not be where they could be if it were more solid.








Lets just single out the meal of breakfast for now. Is it in fact “the most important meal of the day?” What if your just not hungry when you wake up? Is it ok to eat breakfast later, lets say around 10 or 11am?

The answer in short is, what we eat in the morning is far more important then when we eat it.

If your breakfast is based on highly processed carbohydrates such as sugary cereals or sweet rolls it may be as bad as, or worse than, skipping breakfast. Why? All of those refined carbs and sugars can lead to a spike in blood sugar and insulin and over time this can damage your body and lead to many other problems. On the other hand, if you eat a protein-rich breakfast (think eggs), you’re likely to be satisfied longer. “Non-carbohydrate foods, specifically protein and fat, slow down digestion,”

So, what’s an ideal breakfast? Think farmer-style cooked breakfast, one of eggs, vegetables and good fats. Forget what you know to be breakfast and eat leftovers, chicken, steak, salads and whatever else you can find in the fridge.

Dont fall for the marketing of cereals as a healthier, more convenient alternative. It doesn’t matter how much “vitamins or protein they promise is in their products. They will never be as healthy as REAL FOOD is!

Make the shift to a lighter grain-based breakfast, eat protein, veggies/fruits & good fats.

*A reminder to those of you that have been drinking your protein shakes every morning, the intent of protein shakes is it is to be used as a “supplement” meaning in an addition to a healthy real food diet, for specialized cases like athletes and hard gainers or in the case of emergency when you just cant get to real food right away.


20 Minute AMRAP:

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air squats

Core Down
3 Rounds:

15 V Ups
30 Bicycles


Mroz 11+16
Best 15
J Fuhr 14+10
Eric 12
Clay 16+2
Josh 15+19
Tammi 10+11
Smitty 20+1
JLord 8+3
Court 9+2
Belinda 15+6
GMello 17+1
Michelle 10
Jeff W 18+9
Cory 24+7
Bri 10+10
Alissa 12+6
Nicole 12+6
Jen 11+17
Garrett 10+25
Mandy 11+11
Sully 14+26
McKown 16+11
Jon 12+10
Michael 9
Brad 13
Josh 14+5
Connor 13
Toph 13
Bret 15+28
Justin 21+7
HOllywood 12+12
Bill H 13+11
Max L 21+6
Brad 11+2
Nate 11+7
Frank 14+20
Josh W 9+8
Sp K 14+1
Sarah 12+5
Aimee 16+4
Darren 15+5
KK 13+12
Mer 10+12
BillF 17+15
Kyle 13+5
PDiddy 16+6
Joe M 19+8
Jen R 7+11
Travis 13+3
Garrett 14+11
Jarrett 11+1
Kanon 9
Bre 10+21
DLay 19+17
Walter 14+7
Matt S 12+6
Kayle 18+7


Barks 12+5
Megan 10+11
Ren 12
Chad 12+11
Trish 9+10
Tonya 14+9
Janet 13+5
Keith 15+6
Debbie 11
Heidi 12
Liana 11+22
Sabrina 13+28
Alex 9
Jenn C. 12+24
Amy 14+6
Ray 13+6
Christine 9+7
Dawn 10+8
HMroz 9+14
Allyson 12+7
Zach 10
Christy 14+9
Natalie 13+15
Kevin 10+5
Travis 12
Michelle 16
KDawg 15+2
Sam 17+7
Megan 10+10
Adia 10+16
Erica 14+5
Terri 11
Jeff 15
Alicia E 13+5
Don 10+2
Kelly 15+5
Kristi 13+12
Wayne S 11 “Welcome”
Allan 9+8
Mellony 12+5
Dina 14+8

6week challenge

On Board 1


KB Swings


14 Min AMRAP
5 Burpee
10 KB Swings
200 Meter Row

Core Down
3 Rounds (As a group):
30 Sec Plank
1 Minute Rest

Marcia 2+15
Randi 7
Laurie 4+15
Marty 4
Ashley 5
Caroline 4
Sophia 3

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