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Nutrition is not a belief system. 
Why wishful thinking won’t get you results, but science might.

Unfortunately, “nutrition” is often seen as a belief system.

But beliefs don’t necessarily have anything to do with facts.

When we believe something, we choose to accept that it’s true, which may or may not have anything to do with factual certainty.

This approach of “believing” is frequently applied to nutrition.

As in:

“I believe that sugar is poison.”

“I don’t believe that humans were meant to eat grains.”

“I believe in only eating foods that are natural and organic.”

In other words, the answer to “What should I eat?” is often based on faith, magical thinking, emotional attachments, and/or what feels “truthy”, rather than on science.

Yet nutrition is not a belief system.

Nutrition is a science.

And physiology is physiology.

Believing something, or wanting it to be true, or feeling it should be true doesn’t mean it is true.

Physiology (like chemistry, like physics) follows certain known principles.

That’s why we research things like macronutrients, hydration, and/or supplementation. That’s why we try to understand the biochemistry of digestion and metabolism. That’s why we learn about things like osmotic gradients and the physical structures of cells and molecules.

Science is anything but simple.

It would be great if there was a single ingredient to cure cancer, or a single exercise to get you ripped.

But physiology isn’t simple, and neither is science. Especially nutrition science.

You might be able to find a study to support nearly any nutrition-related belief you want. This is especially true if the study was small, or sponsored by a particular interest (like a supplement company).

People who read research understand this. They understand the weight that the particular evidence holds, and where it is placed in the hierarchy of nutritional importance.

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50/40 Calorie Row

30 Burpees

60 KB Swings 53/35#

30 Burpees

50/40 Calorie Row


3 Rounds
5 Strict Chin Ups


Erin M 1350
Richard 1741
Jim 1611
Gary 1846
Amanda 1340
Tonya 1615
Aaron 1930
Beau 1713
Aimee F 1507
Beth 1422
Max 1719
Big Ben 1458
Josh C 1432
Tammi 1712
Jared 1128
J Lord 1747
J Fruh 1536
Faith 1640
Angie 1641
Erin 1930
Liana 2032
Michele 1755
Jeff W 1516
Belinda 1250
Munique 1310
Riad 1658
Nicholl 1404
Jon 1639
McKown 1239
Sam 1537
GLord 1825
Val 1902
Christa 1254
Ray ?
Jenny 1356
Amy B 1654
Connor 1358
Woo 2043
Cory 1240
Sully 1345
Marion 1242
Kirk 1209
Toph 1358
HMroz 2009
Hollywood 1545
Kelly G. 1907
Katie 2210
John A 1624
Annie 1654
Bill H 1740
Nate 1559
Max 1059
Dave N. ?
Christy 1435
Logan 1224
Kylee 1910
Bill F. 1349
PDiddy 1652
Mer 1258
Kyle G 1405
Colt 1342
KK 1429
Andy 1423
DLay 1235
Jen S. 1738
Tracy 1746
Shannon 1619
Jeff 1756
Michelle 1621
Susie 1630
Chase 1620
DP 1449
JenLay 1452
Aimee 1943
Alena 1159
Special K 1354
Trina 1629
Robin 1606
Erika 1352
BDiddy 1549
Joe 1236
Megan 1448
Jen R. 1553


Mroz 1529
Court Alt
Aimee O 1528
Rebecca 1532
Ellie 1810
Derrick 1624
Chris 1647
BRad 1808
Beth 1657
Steve 1251
Portia 2149
Ellen 1851
March 1944
Kristi 1750

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