Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

We have done a No Processed Food Challenge in the past here at CFCR. If you are new to our family or are not quite sure on where to start with a healthier lifestyle, 100 days of real food is a great place to start!

Don’t be fooled by these misleading food myths:

  1. A healthy diet means eating “low-fat” and “fat-free” food products…wrong!
    Michael Pollan basically abolishes this myth in his book In Defense of Food, and you can check out our mini-pledge post from week 6 for some detail.
  1. Mutli-grain crackers are better than crackers made from white flour…wrong!
    “Mutli-grain” is a misleading buzzword because unless those grains are actually “whole grain” the product is really no better than those made from refined grains (like white flour).
  1. It’s “natural” so it must be a good choice…wrong!
    If a product is natural it simply means it wasn’t made from any artificial ingredients, which is certainly desirable, but don’t forget that white flour, sugar, and even high-fructose corn syrup are all derived from “natural” ingredients and they are also all highly refined.
  1. Organic packaged food is better than conventional…okay, mostly true.
    The problem is though that since the product is organic people sometimes just assume it’s also “healthy.” But there’s an awful lot of what I call “organic junk food” out there that’s still highly processed (like organic cookies, organic ice cream sandwiches, and organic candy) so no matter what the package says you still have to read – and scrutinize – the ingredient label.
  1. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is much worse for you than sugar…wrong!
    According to Michael Pollan HFCS has not been proven to be worse for you than sugar it’s just a “reliable marker for a food product that has been highly processed.”
  1. The bread that’s being made in the grocery store bakery is “fresh”…wrong (in most cases)!
    I certainly haven’t surveyed every single supermarket in America, but all the stores I’ve been to have a bustling bakery where workers appear to be pulling “fresh” baked bread out of their ovens. While it’s true they’re baking the bread right there in the store oftentimes they didn’t actually make the dough themselves, which means it’s full of preservatives and other unnecessary additives like dough conditioners (just read the ingredients and you’ll see what I mean).
  1. I was told that margarine and Earth Balance are better for my family than butter…wrong!
    As Michael Pollan says in his book Food Rules, “Avoid foods that are pretending to be something they are not” because it’s best to just stick with the “real” thing as opposed to an imitation. Need I say more?
  1. Some people say, “Well, isn’t cheese a ‘processed’ food?”…right (sort of).
    Our family actually avoids all highly processed food because even cooking is technically a form of “processing” or changing your food…and we definitely aren’t practicing a “raw food diet.” Mainly to draw the line somewhere we define highly processed food as products containing  more than 5 ingredients. But – just for the record – no matter how many ingredients are on the list, if a product is made with anything refined (like “wheat” that’s not whole) or if it’s deep-fried in refined oil then we definitely consider it to be highly processed as well. That means bags of 3-ingredient deep-fried potato chips are out (sorry!).
  1. Following the latest food trend (that’s oftentimes led by the food industry) is the way to go…wrong!
    If something feels like an up and coming food “trend” I mostly try to avoid it because I prefer to stick to traditional diets that people have survived on for centuries, which certainly didn’t include “boosting your omega-3’s” with a box of enriched pasta.
  1. This cereal box says it will lower my cholesterol so maybe I should give it a shot…wrong!
    Do not believe – and in fact don’t even read – misleading health claims on the front of food packages. Only trust the ingredients.


Buy In: 1000 Meter Row


Thruster 75/55#
Bar Jump over (2 ct)

Cash Out: 800 Meter Run

ADV: 95/65


3 Rounds:

Beginners- T2B Kip Practice

Intermediate- Max Effort Knee To Arms

Advanced- Max Effort Knee To Elbows



Clay 1318
SM 1226
Vance 1332
Cory 1427
Nicholl 1636
Toph 1608
Putz 1332
Joe 1435
Mer 1348
KK 1421
P diddy 1426
Greg 1444
Max 1243


Cates 1436
Best 1521
Tammi 1708
Josh C 1514
Amanda 1252
Shaq 1837
Smitty 1401
Terra 1311
Belinda 1327
Beth 1455
Mandy 1754
Trina 1636
Ray 1710
Jen D 1604
Marion 1351
Hannah 1530
Erin 1526
Joe 1314
Meghan 1837
Matt S. 1718
Hollywood 1810
BillH 1642
Kapitan 1455
Kenzie 1658
Christy 1649
Corrigan 1658
Kayle 1659
Shayla 1640
Kyle 1418
Darren 1537
Jason 1808
Alyssa 1914
K Dawg 1629
Joesph 1928
Sarah 1503
Mike 1813
Jen r 1745


Big Ben –
Kate 1653
J Fruh –
Max 1648
Chad 1515
MK 1645
Trish 1915
Tonya 2128
Gretchen 1714
Janet 1540
Keith 1525
Budge 2004
Liana 2052
McKay 1237
Kristen 1614
Amy 1559
Kelli 1605
Elias 1742
Sabrina 1848
Tweedy 1752
H. Mroz 1703
B 1315
Annie 1226
Conner 1940
Barks 1348
B Rad 1952
David N 2011
Chelsea 1725
Allyson 2029
Jen 1542
Beth 1759
Kari 1055
Adria 1148
Sam 1227
Dawn 1626
Mark 1413
Ben 1211
Kristi 1738
Walter 1909
Allen 1905
Christy 1521
Natalie 1848
Tiffany 1240
Robin 1505

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