Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Avoid the Smoothie Trap

Smoothies are delicious and easy to prepare. Even the most novice cook can handle throwing ingredients in a blender and pressing a button.

Smoothies are also a good way to get a quick post-workout hit of protein and carbohydrates, but if you’re not careful you can easily blend your way to overconsumption, derailing your diet.

“If you start your day with a smoothie or a juice,” Massie said, “even if consuming a Zone balance of protein at the same time, your blood sugar will spike, you’ll store fat, and you’ll burn through the carbs quickly, leaving you hungry again in no time.”

When whirred up in a blender, the fiber from fruit is broken down, and more of its surface area is exposed, making digestion faster. Think of a small chunk of apple being broken down in the stomach versus that same chunk chopped into a host of very small pieces.

“The sugar is absorbed at a maximal rate, overwhelming the liver’s capacity to metabolize the sugar, and the excess sugar is turned into liver fat which is the precursor to metabolic syndrome,”.

If you’re going to have a shake, consider decreasing the carbs and increasing the protein, fat and fiber. Adding protein and fat will increase satiety, or the feeling of being full, and protein is important for muscle maintenance. Leafy green vegetables contain fiber and micronutrients, which might help prevent diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

In the end, Massie reminds us that life is short and balance is key.

“If drinking a smoothie every day is the worst thing that you do, then you’re still doing better than 95 percent of the population,” he said.

A meal involving chewing is usually preferable to guzzling a smoothie, but the beverages do have a place, especially post-workout. By weighing and measuring and selecting the right ingredients, you can ensure your smoothie fits your diet and helps you accomplish your goals.

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15 Minute EMOM:

Minute 1: 18 Slam Balls 40/20#
Minute 2: 18 Wall Balls 20/14#
Minute 3: 18 Sit Ups
Core Down
3 Rounds:

10 Evil Wheel

Jared 18
Ren 15
Big Ben 14
Trent 15
Ryan H 14
Gary 12
Chad 15
Belinda 18
Court 15
Kate 16
Vance 18
Smitty 16
Terra 18
McKown 18
Colt 17
Matt 18
Mandy 12
Jen D. 16
Marion 18
Berry 18
Monique 18
GLord 16
JLord 15
Justin 18
Tweedy 14
Connor 18
Travis 15 – 30lbs. W.B.
Cory 18
Caroline 16
Nicholl 18
Curt 18
Toph 18
Bill H 18
Andy L 18
Max L 18
Frank 18
Kapitan 18
Kyle 18
Mer 18
KK 18
Rachel 18
Sarah 18
Joe 18
Min 12
Gene 15
Scotty 10
Bill F 18
Jason 15
Scott 12
Brian 18
Dp 18
Travis 16
Jarrett 12
KDawg 18
Jeff L 15
Tracy 16
Natalie 18
Joseph 11
Steve S 18
JLay 12
Corrigan 16
Joe 18
Kayle 12

Elise 16
Tammi 14
Amiee 15
Shaq 18
Angie 18
Barb 15
Tonya 17
Heidi 16
Liana 18
Erin 15
Jenni 10
Val 17
Karen 17
Sabrina 16
Ashleigh 16
Melissa 11
Ellie 12
Jenni 18
John 15
Ona 10
Samantha 18
Bre 18
Annie 18
Andy P 18
Mick 18
Mark 18
Sam 18
Denise 18
Beth 15
Lexi 15
Michelle 18
TJ 14
B-Rad 15
Robin 13
Shala 15

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