Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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With holiday events and end of the year parties coming from all directions, December can be a tough time when it comes to sticking to specific nutrition goals.

By taking charge of your social calendar where you can and putting your hand up with suggestions for activity based fun that keeps you moving, you can bypass some of the food focused festivities and make some unique memories together. Here are few ideas:

Christmas Light Walk
Find the best Christmas light displays in the area and organize a walk to check them out.

Carols in the Park
Carols in the Park are happening in all areas. Pack a small picnic of macro friendly treats and meet up to enjoy the music and atmosphere together!

See a Holiday Show
Many theatres, ballets, churches and schools hold festive end of the year shows and concerts. Find out what is happening in your area and buy some tickets!

Picnic With Games
Organize a picnic with ball games, card games and good old fashioned outdoor fun where you can pack your own food.

Scavenger Hunt
There are some great group scavenger hunts online. Particularly if you live in a big city. Get your friends or colleagues together, separate them into teams and bolt around the city following clues and winning glory.

Lazer Tag and Bowling
Small or large groups of friends can get together and play a few rounds of lazer tag.

Go Outdoors
Try horse riding, quad biking, team sports (volleyball or soccer) or even go hiking. If you live in the warmer parts of the world go swimming, water skiing or stand up paddle boarding. The outdoor activities you can do together are endless.

Holiday DIY Projects
Whether you’re crafty or not, Pinterest has thousands of amazing Holiday DIY projects for you to get creative with. Get together with friends or family and try something different. It’s a great way to involve kids, too.

Take a Day Trip or Tour
Plan a tour of a local sight or take a day trip with your friends somewhere unique. That way you can pack your own meals, or eat at a predetermined cafe or restaurant.

If You Have to Eat Out…
If having a meal at a restaurant is what the group really wants there are some suggestions that you can make for that as well.
Have Breakfast/Brunch Together
Breakfast foods can be easy to track and cafes and diners are often very accommodating when customizing your order. Choose easy to track options like eggs on toast. Since breakfast is the first meal of the day you should have plenty of macros left to work around for your lunch and dinner.

Suggest a Buffet
This way you can pick and choose the foods that work for you.

Suggest Restaurants With Nutritional Information
So that you can look up the menu ahead of time and plan for it.

Make Special Dietary Requests
Call ahead of time and see if you can get any information or make any changes to the dish due to “dietary requirements.”

Finally, don’t be afraid to tell people why you’re suggesting something active over heavily food based gatherings. Chances are that the people around you are also feeling the stress about being healthy for the holidays and will appreciate the idea.


14 Minute AMRAP:

7 Toes-to-Bar
12 Front Rack Lunges 75/55#
35 Bar Jump Overs (Single Count)

3 Rounds:

10 Ring Rows
10 Push Ups

Jared 10
Sully 6+7
Carolann 6+16
Belinda 8+14
Cates 6+13
G Mello 6+24
Corrigan 6+7
Barry 7+7
Connor 7+11
Cory 10+15
Tina 7
Josh 10+18
Michael 4+11
Nicholl 7+12
Jen D 6+5
Hollywood 4+5
LMello 6+36
Toph 7+1
Bill 5+13
Max 9+11
Sarah W 9+7
Rachel O. 8+13
Darren 6+7
KK 8+1
Jason H 6+9
Joe M 9
Brian H 7+9
Kate 6+3
SM 10+25
Justin S 9+34
Vance 8+44
Travis E 7+7
D Lay 9+14
John L 8+20
Shayla 6+7

Big Ben ?
Aimee 5+15
Megan M 7+3
Megan N 7+17
Chad 7+12
Trent 7+9
Ryan H 7
Sara 5+9
Max Alt
Tonya 7+3
Ashleigh 6+11
Sabrina 4+13
Kristin 4+6
McKay 4+3
Woo 5+9
GLord 6+9
Ray 5+7
Trent 6+3
Munique 8+3
Ryan 8+23
Grace 6+17
Tweedy 5+7
John A 5+20
Kelly G 4+7
Shaun 5+22
Jenny 6
B-Rad 5+11
Jen C 4+31
Marion 7+7
Jena 5 – Welcome
Kevin 6
Angie 5+22
Andy 7+15
Mer 8+7
Min 7+1
Ellie 5+19
Mark E 5
Scotty 5+7
Maddy 4+44
Andy L 7+15
Amy B 6+19
Michelle BC 6+10
Susie 4+26
Joseph 3+7
Jeff L 4
Beth 4+39
Reggie 7+2
Jack 6+19
Robin 6+7
Rachel 5+7
Alicia 8+4
Katie 5+9

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