Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

slide_new_1Did you miss Nutrition 101?

Don’t sweat it we’ve got you covered!

For the next 5 weeks I will catch you up to speed on the five components that matter most when it comes to your nutrition.

I get a lot of questions in regards to what to eat pre/post workout, what supplements to take, which diet is best etc…I hate to disappoint but none of these topics will be answered here.

Coming from experience I am going to guess that your lack of knowledge or education in regards to nutrition is not the problem.

Most of you know that a plate of steamed broccoli and salmon are better for you than a big mac and fries.

However if you don’t implement the bits of knowledge you do have nothing will ever change.

Together let’s get you those changes in your health and body composition that you’ve been looking for!

When working with my clients what matters most is the outcome.

My goal with my clients is that they will be able to make good sustained health choices, they should be able to say…

Im super happy

I get to eat on a regular schedule

I am happy with the foods I get to choose

I’m happy cause I have a social life

I’m happy with my body composition

Is this what you want to? In order for any of these things to happen we have to deal with the things that matter most…so before there’s any talk about how many grams of protein you should be eating or what supplements you should be taking to get a jacked body. We have to tackle the bigger issues.

Let’s start by talking about body composition…

If you are looking to change your body composition, there are several ways to do it; quality of food, quantity of food and hormonal response. These are the basis for most diets. We are going to talk about quality.

Quality for long term health. When I say health I mean what’s going on under the hood not what the # on the scale says. There’s a lot of people walking around out there who are “thin” that do not have good biomarkers.


The prescription that we use here is CrossFit is…Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds some fruit, little starch no sugar. We use this prescription because it gets to the point of quality.

We aren’t concerned if you are Paleo, Primal, Zone etc…If you like to learn about those diets I say go for it but we are focused on this prescription for its easy break down of quality foods. This is the basis for our food decisions. We should be asking ourselves, what does this food offer me?

Think of it like an investment just like you would your money, what are you going to get in return?

From this week forward I challenge you to ask yourself this…
Does your food offer me a bigger investment than it’s costing

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“Open Workout 12.3”
All Levels
18 Minute AMRAP of:
15 Box Jumps 24/20”
12 Push Press 75/55#
9 Knee-Raises
*Step ups allowed

18 Minute AMRAP of:
15 Box Jumps 24/20”
12 Push Press 115/75#
9 Toe-to-Bar
*Step ups allowed

Doug 9+15
Clayton 7+34
Bob 6+23
Ryan 7+27
Ren 8+14
John B. 8
Heidi 7+3
Amy 11+15
Matt 9+12
Sully 10+27
Chad 6+10
Jeff 9
Liana 7+21
Steve 8+6
Fran 9+15
Nicole 9+20
Agster 6+7
Karen 8+25
Tracy ?
Sarah 8+10
Caroline 7+30
Hollywood 10+30
Ginger 10+30
Sherry 6+22
Bri 9+22
Nate 7
Brad 6+27
Christine 7+4
Carrie 9+5
Lisa 7+21
Ray 9+1
Caroline 9
Darren 7+15
Michael 8+6
Steve 8+19
Wes 8+22
Tracy 7+30
Rob 10+21
Kanon 9+28
Michele 7+17
Danny 5+12
Max 10+15
Bennett 7+9
Joshua 6+11
Russ 5+22
Charity 5+27
Liz 7+22
Daisy 6+24
Brook 10+27
Denise 8+12
Don 6+17
Jen 8+23
Garett 7+34
Katie 7+5
Kristi 7+6

Longo 11+12
Travis 8+9
Brink 7+12
Josh C 6+2
Tammi 6+15
Josh S 7+20
Spencer 9+3
J Lord 6+17
Belinda 8+36
Jason 7
Terra 10+13
G Lord 6+7
Mandy 6+5
Jen 8+5
McKown 7+23
Cory 9+22
Big Ben 7+32
Toph 5+35
Mer 7+25
Marian 10+5
Dave 8+1
Curt 8
Kapitan 8+3
Annie 6+19
Bill 6+27
Aimee 7+19
Bill F 8+5
Kyle 816
Erich 5+35
Joe 6+21
Woody 5+5

Kyle 11+13
Melissa 8+17
Gretchen 6+20
Val 9+15
Meghan 7
Scotty 6+12
Kathy 6+8
Heather 8
Ali 7+15 Welcome!
Sheri 8+8
Brit ?
Heather 7+34
Mick 8+15
Frank 7+5
Savannah 7+27
Marianne 7+10
Walter 7+5
Francy 9+8

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