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If You Want to Perform Well, You Have to Eat Well



It is now becoming common knowledge amongst competitive athletes that if you want to perform well, you have to eat well. Even at recreational level, the importance of diet is starting to become more evident if you really want to make the changes you are working so hard to achieve.

The necessity of dieting

At the elite level, gone are the days of athletes throwing a pre-match/tournament meal down consisting of chips (no, not the sweet potato kind) and gravy. No matter what the sport, there are now nutritionists on hand to make sure athletes are getting the right fuel for their bodies.

So it makes sense that in Crossfit, where diet is already a key focal point with

 “Zone” or “Paleo”, athletes look after their diet. Of course there are going to be exceptions but even Rich Froning is beginning to add in the odd balanced meal in place of his peanut butter, milk and cookies. The problem is that many people still look at diet as an added extra. Many still have the viewpoint that if they are only training to get a bit fitter they don’t need to look after the diet as much. If they were training to compete they would eat well, but they’re not and the training is what will get us fit, right?
Well, sort of, but there’s more to it. Sure hitting a workout every night will get you fitter, but I’m not saying training or diet alone will get you to where you want to be. It is the combination of both that will really make you see progress. One without the other is kind of pointless. Crossfit is perhaps the evil that it is good where diet is concerned because of its effectiveness as a training program. People see results without actually changing their diet and assume it will stay that way. The truth of the matter is that this will only last a short time. If you want to take the next step to achieving your goals then it may be time to assess what goes onto your plate. Here’s why…

Diet is the single most influencing factor in altering body composition. Whilst training and working hard in the gym will get you started in making inroads into how you look, there is only so much your body can change before it begins to need more of the right nutrition.

As I mentioned earlier, Crossfit is so effective that you do initially see results solely by training. However as you get fitter, stronger, faster and leaner your body begins to change how it processes food. It stops functioning incorrectly and starts functioning correctly, it uses food to grow and repair rather than storing it as reserve for a rainy day. This means that you need to get your diet right to allow your body to utilize food in the best way to get the best results out of your training. Without this you will stall, the results will stop or slow and training will become fruitless.

Regardless of your goals, whether that be to lose those few extra pounds, fit into your wedding suit/dress, or get into Regional condition, by altering your diet you can alter body composition to be at optimum levels. Dieting is the quickest and safest way to do this.  If you really want to change how you look, get the right fuel for your body. You will not only look better, you will also feel better. And furthermore, what’s the point in having all that fitness and nothing to show for it?

Each to their own

 The final point around why dieting is so important is that just as with training, each individual will respond differently to different stimulus. There are obviously going to be basic fundamentals that everyone will need to adhere too such as don’t consume to little or to many calories, eat the right type of foods not fast foods, or making sure your post training meal is always right even if others have not been as good quality. However, the way in which these are made up will differ from person to person. What works for one person may not work for another, one individual may respond well to a higher carbohydrate, moderate fat and protein diet whereas another may respond to high fat, moderate carbohydrate and moderate protein.

Don’t get too caught up on eating in a particular way just because someone tells you it is right or a book recommends it. Don’t get me wrong it may be perfect for you, just try it for a period first and track the results. This is the only way you are going to be able to compare what works best for you before making any adjustments to really bring your diet on point. By doing this you will quickly be able to understand how to manipulate your diet to reach the goals you are setting. That may be to gain a few extra kilograms of weight or lose that bit of unwanted fat, either way by taking time to experiment and find a diet that works for you, and more importantly what foods you react to best, you will be able to attain these goals faster. You will find that your body will react rapidly by getting the ratio’s and types of food to fit these ratios correct.

The point around the type of food is something I found for myself. Initially I assumed a carb was a carb, protein was protein and fat was fat. However after experimenting a bit, I quickly learnt that my body responds differently to specific foods within these food groups. By identifying this it simply let me get my diet even more beneficial towards training and recovery.

Give it a go

That is the underlying idea around getting your diet dialled in. Experiment a little bit and try different methods. Not only will you learn a lot about yourself but you will also pick up some ideas that may help another member at your gym! Your diet will be unique to you so find out what it is and then enjoy the benefits, don’t stress if you then have the odd meal that doesn’t fit because you will now easily be able get back on track. Have fun, try it and enjoy the gains!


3 Rounds:

4 Rope Climbs
15 Power Snatch 115/75#
400 Meter Run

*Must have leg protection to climb the rope.

Core Down
For Time:

200 Meter Farmer’s Carry AHAP


J Fruh 1649
Josh C 2309
Smitty 2011
Cory 1455
Heim 1614
Nicholl 1901
Marion 1545
Matt 1553
Austin 1833
Bill H. 2231
Kapitan 1940
D Lay 1437
P Diddy 2119
Kyle G 1909
Sarah W 1637
Jen D 1938
Kirk 1331
DP 1923
Danny 1843


Max 2042
Zach 1850
Sam 1601
Shaq 2105
Tammi 2131
Holly 1918
Big Ben 1742
Janet 1727
Belinda 1621
Ariel 2040
Chad 2147
Liana 1820
Tonya 1602
Barb 1820
Elise 1957
Jeremy 1704
Erin 1740
Michelle 1940
Chris M 1625
Carmen 1542
Val 2226
Meghan 1715
Karen 1746
GLord 2112
Sully 2040
Sabrina 2040
Toph 1830
Mandy 1927
Max 1808
Bre 1834
Talitha 1636
Tweedy 1710
Barry 1341
Munique 1547
Ray 1804
Connor 1806
Sabina 1930
John 1720
Christy 2024
Kanon 1906
Tim 2040
Heather 1505
LMello 1938
Jenny 1714
Annie 1859
Andy 1536
Travis M. 1727
Fran 1749
Min 1733
Mick 1509
Ellie Z 1934
Carol Ann 2245
Joseph 1913
Jen S 1913
Bree 1634
Ren 1619
Woo 1953
Suzie 1739
Denise 1721
Beth 2120
Melanie 1610
TJ 2217
Don 1903
Tracy 1631
Michele 1450
SPrinkles 1402
Deanna 1751
Jeff L 2049
Eric 1414
Erika 1700
Rachel 1808
Aaron 2130
Robin 1957
Alicia 1701
Tom 1958
Shayla 2305
Kayle 2001



12 Minute AMRAP:

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
20 Alternating Lunges
10 Burpees Over Bar

Core Down
3 Rounds:

10 V Ups
10 Hollow Rocks

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