Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

chew-your-foodNutrition 101 part 2


Has anyone ever told you that? Seems pretty simple and even silly that we have to remind ourselves to “chew our food!”
Why should we chew our food? It helps break it down to digest and your body utilizes its nutrients better.
How many of you eat at least one meal on your feet, in a car, or at your desk? Most of us eat distracted in one way or another, whether it be in front of the tv or while driving in a car. Distracted eating will lead to not chewing your food.

In short what typically happens is we chew our food with a couple chomps just to get it down. Then the digestive process has to happen in the gut where acids are trying to pull everything though. If we are not chewing our food to the fullest, it is not being digested in a timely manner. The food then sits to ferment, we get bloated and well…then “stuff” happens that I am sure you can figure out from there.

Which is explains why when often times people will get results of weight loss while doing a cleanse or a colonic. They have “cleared” the digestive system.

Your challenge this week is:
Pick a meal with a loved one…a meal you will enjoy! (not a quick meal at the drive thru)
Load your fork, put it in your mouth, set the fork down.
Chew that bite 20-30x before you swallow it.
Load your fork and repeat…
This is a fun experiment that can be, awkward, time consuming but an interesting self assessment to see how quickly you typically eat.

Eating is supposed to be calming. When you eat quickly or under stress you are sending mixed signals. Biologically active eating should be calm.

By doing this you will become in touch with your body and it will tell you when you’re satiated. If your body is acting properly (many of us have abused this system for a long time) your body will inform you when you are full.

I hope you will except this and report back to me.

For a free nutrition consult see the front desk or talk to Coach B


5 rounds
400 meter run
15 thrusters 75/55#
15 KB swings 53/35#

Longo 1739
Jeff 2424
Amanda ?
Belinda 1907
Tammi 2619
Jason 2146
Doug ?
Josh C 2530
Gary 2332
Bob 2630
Spencer 1658
Ryan 2206
Milton 2250
Ben 2108
Terra 1620
Cates 2409
Roy 2820
Gary dnf
Jeff W 2307
Carole Ann 2511
Michelle 2827
Adam ?
Erin 2116
Sully 2135
G Lord 2437
Mandy 21021
Nicholl 2259
A Prince 1933
John L ?
Toph 2416
John 2302
Dave 1758
Bill H 2259
Max L 2156
Fran 2759
Meredith 2134
Scott 3028
Cali 2627
KK 1923
Bennett 2933
Ren 2942
Bill F 1717
Andy 2613
Travis 2306
Brooke 2310
Kanon 2523
Nicole 2303
Ray 2625

Kyle 1646
Adam 2333
Jacob 2153
Ryan A dnf
Liana 2233
John 2121
Budge 2511
Joc 2800
Karen 2545
Ray 2551
Rick 2440
B-rad 2025
Ali 1925
H Mroz 2149
Hollywood 2228
Sherry 2307
Brad 2530
Bre 1857
Sp k 2436
Annie 2344
Caroline 2330
Wes 2108
Heather B 2158
John 3148
Brandon 3341
Travis 2458
Darren 2132
Joshua 2259
Mike 2804
LC 2112
Michelle 2328
Mick 2259
Beth 2844
Rob B 2002
Jeff 2408
Daisy 2459
Liz 2520
Denise 2430
Vicki 2713
Jen 2400
Adam 2229
David 2829
Don 2248
Walter 2118

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