Wednesday, February 4th 2015

<p><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/cucumbers.jpg” style=”width: 500px; height: 211px;”> </p> <p>Try New Shapes To Get Your Kids To Eat<br> NUTRITION TIP: “Having trouble getting kids to eat vegetables? Try changing the shape. Grate carrots, make cucumber ribbons with a peeler, and cut peppers into stars using scissors. Give them creative names too — kids eat more power peas and X-ray vision carrots than plain ol’ peas and carrots.”<br> THE EXPERT: Cara Rosenbloom, registered dietitian of Words To Eat By, based in Toronto Ont.</p> <p><strong>WOD</strong></p> <p>20 minute AMRAP:<br> <br> 8 Push Press 115/75#<br> 2 Rope Climbs<br> 12 Box Jumps 30/24″<br> 8 Ring Dips</p> <p><strong>RX</strong><br> Josh 5+18<br> Big Ben 6+9<br> Eric B 6+16<br> Terra 7+8<br> Vance 6+7<br> Mark 4+24<br> Cory 7+16<br> Kapitan 6<br> BillH 4+8<br> John Lay 5+10<br> Kirk 7+22<br> DeEtte 4+9<br> Campbell 6+8<br> Kyle G 5+20<br> Buck 5+4<br> Jason 5+20<br> Steve S 6+10<br> Joe 5<br> Bill F 6+22<br> Leiner 7+8<br> <br> <strong>MOD</strong><br> Tammi 7+5<br> Pat<br> Amanda<br> Belinda 6+16<br> Justin<br> Meegan 5+24<br> Rick 6+17<br> Amy 33<br> DAve 5<br> Milt 6+20<br> Brian 4+9<br> Mel 4+28<br> Steve 4+8<br> Nikki 6+8<br> Heidi 4+2<br> Mechelle 4+9<br> Curt 7+9<br> Gretchen 5+4<br> Janet <br> JohnB 5+0<br> Jeff 5<br> Gary 6+4<br> JD 5+9<br> Coleen 5<br> WAM 5+8<br> Keith 4<br> Leslie 5+20<br> Tommy 6+10<br> Garrett 5+9<br> BB 7+3<br> SArah 4+9<br> Crusher 7<br> Hollywood 5+4<br> Sherry 5+8<br> Agster 6+7<br> SAbina 6+14<br> Gina 5<br> Amanda 6+26<br> JenP 4+35<br> LInda 7+4<br> Grace 8+6<br> Karen 6<br> Joc 5+9<br> Mandy 6+14<br> Audrey 6+20<br> HMroz 6+20<br> Sara 7+1<br> Ray 5+11<br> Brooke 8+18<br> Shelby 8+36<br> Carrie 6+22<br> Marion 8+6<br> SpecialK 6+7<br> Richard 5+9<br> JoeC 6+13<br> BRad 5+17<br> Steph 5<br> Ryan 6+9<br> Jodi 4+14<br> Andrew 4<br> Fran 5+1<br> Tanya 6+17<br> Christine 5+9<br> Carolann 6+3<br> Lieah 5+12<br> Ryan M 4+22<br> Jen Lay 8+5<br> Mich B 5+24<br> Woody 5+28<br> Lindsay 4+26<br> Courtney 7+8<br> Adam 5+26<br> JLord 5+29<br> Dumas 6+22<br> Nate 5+6<br> Scott E 5+28<br> Nicole 4+24<br> Samantha 5<br> Carroie 621<br> Rob B 8<br> Danette 6+2<br> Anthony 6+10<br> Leevers 6+8<br> Spencer 4+10<br> Tracy 6+5<br> April 5+20<br> Justin 6+22<br> Liz 6+18<br> Lil Brad 5+8<br> GMan 7<br> Barnett 4+28<br> Aaron 5+20<br> Kara 5+15<br> Stacey 7+15<br> Michelle 4+23<br> Judy 7<br> Eric 4<br> Michael 5+22<br> Christine 5+14<br> Joe M 4 – welcome!!<br> Jennifer 7+8<br> Kayle 5+16<br> Ally 6+22<br> Alex 5+8  – welcome!!<br> Stephens 5+11<br> Deanna 5+22</p>

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