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To make the Open even more accessible, they introduced a scaled option in 2015. Each time a workout is released, athletes will be given two versions: Rx’d and Scaled. The Scaled-workout option is designed to be accessible to the majority of people who attend CrossFit affiliates. If you do CrossFit, there’s a very high chance you can do the Open, too.

Workouts are released each week on Thursday at 5 p.m. PT, and athletes have four days or 96 hours to complete the workout and submit their score. Scores are due before 5 p.m. PT that Monday.

We, as an affiliate, will be performing the work outs every Friday during all class times.  In addition we will have FUN FRIDAY NIGHT TEAM BATTLES!
Register on line & then pick a team to represent!!  We have 5 categories to choose from, each represented by our coaches.  Put your name on the board in the CFCR Room after you register online!  If you need help, have a question or just plain have no idea what the OPEN is come & ask a coach!!

This is a FUN COMMUNITY FITNESS EXPERIENCE and we encourage you ALL to participate!
RX: Taylor & Joc
Military: Nick & Brian
Newbies: Brett, Marion & Jesse
Masters: B & DP
Teens: B & DLay
TEAMS will come up with a name and host a themed Friday Night Fight of their own.

16.1 Feb 25-29
16.2 Mar 3-7
16.3 Mar 10-14
16.4 Mar 17-21
16 5 Mar 24-28


  • Feb 26th 6:30pm – Kick Off after party TBD
  • Mar 4th
  • Mar 11th
  • Mar 18th
  • Mar 25th Closing after party TBD


For 2 Scores:

1 Mile Run (2000 Meter Row option), for time

Then, at the 10 minute mark:

10 minute AMRAP of:
10 Shoulder-to-Overhead 135/85, 115/70, 96/55#
10 Box Jump 24/20”
10 Mountain Climbers, hand to foot

*If mile takes longer to complete then 10 minutes, use the remaining time left of the total 20 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible

Amanda 7:28/7+5 – L2
Ren 7:54/ 5 – L1
Heim 6:40/ 6 – L3
Bob 9:52/ 3+16 L2
Josh 7:26/ 5 – L3
Meegan 8:31/ 4+8 – L2
Justin 7:28/ 5+14 – L2
Tammi 8:31/ 4+3 – L2
Lindsay 7:42/ 5+15 – L1
Terra 6:22/ 7+4 – L3
Michelle 9:48/ 5+15 – L1
JP Row 8:42/ 3+20 – L1
Eric 7:40/ 6 – L2
Latonya 10:04/ 5+8 – L1
Matt Row 7:47/ 5 – L2
Shaq Row 7:18/ 5+10 – L1
Jeff 7:57/ 5+9 – L1
Court 858/7/l1
Nicholle 846/5+17/l1
Karen 915/4+17/l1
RickG 830/4+20/l2
JLord 912/4+19/l1
Sully 756/4+10/l2
Tracy 912/4+15/l1
Toph 844/4+6/l3
Fran 950/5+2/l2
Jen 911/6+14/l1
Ray 837/5/l1
Joc 953/4+2/l1
Hollywood 906/5+14/l1
ScottyP 907/4+2/l2
Marion 749
Bri 903/6+14/l1
David 734/4+14/l2
Frank 659/4+15/l2
Carol 818/8+4/l1
Nathan 950/5+3/l1
Steve 738/4/l2
Kristine 900/4+20/l1
Frank Row/5/l1
Claudia 1120/3+10/l1
Brooke Row/5+20/l2
Aimee 742/6+4/l2
Bill F 623/6+4/l3
Bennett 743/3+13/l3
TNasty  623/6+7/l3
Calli 839/5+10/l1
Brett 839/4+10/l1
PDiddy 708/4+12/l3
Carrie 1016/5/l2
Brad 949/4+10/l1
Scott 724/4+5/l2
Mer 656/6+3/l2
Waser 825/4+15/l2
Tracey 931/5+8/l1
Stone 737/5+9/l1
SM 717/7+16/l3
Justin 736/6+12/l3
Woody 822/4/l2
John Row 730/5+20/l3
Kyle Row 744/5+3l3
Joe Row 731/5 l3
Vance 624/3+17 l3
Nicole 817/5+1 l2
Denise row 928/5 l1
Sierra 820/4+5 l1
Liz row 912/4+2 l2
Daniel row 930/5+5 l3

Kyle 6:09/ 7 – L1
Gary 9:42/ 4+3 L1
Travis 6:10/ 7+3 L1
Brynn 921/5+5/l1
Sheri 9/5+20 WELCOME
Annie 948/4+5/l2
Kanon 1010/4+18/l3
Kathy 917/4+1/l1
Brittney 1055/3/l1
Christine 903/4+2/l1
Robin 829/7+2/l1 Welcome!!
Brittnie 818/5l1 Welcome!!
Campbell Row 802/6+5
Jeff row 816/6+4
Kayle 710/5+4
Savannah row 1700/1
Don row 910/4+1
MaryAnn row 1005/4+8
Jen row 857/5+1
Daisy row 1020/4+9
Deanna 1148/3
Walter 820/5+17
Kristy 947/4+7

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