Wednesday, January 21st 2015

<p><span style=”font-size: 24px;”>Are you experiencing aches and pains?!</span></p> <p>Justin Brink, MS, MPT will be hosting a FREE clinical evaluation and recommendation appointment this Friday, January 23rd.  Space is limited for Crossfit Castle Rock members only.  Sign up sheet is on the white board in the crossfit room.  First come basis, on sign up, don’t wait!</p> <p><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/dpt_thumb.png”></p> <p><strong>WOD</strong></p> <p>”Tabata Fun”<br> <br> Tabata Hand Stand Push-ups<br> 1 minute Rest<br> Tabata Double Unders<br> 1 minute Rest<br> Tabata Wall Balls 20/14#<br> 1 minute Rest<br> Tabata Pull-ups<br> 1 minute Rest<br> Tabata Row (calories)<br> <br> *Scores will be individually listed. ex: 8-29-11-13-7</p> <p><strong>RX</strong></p> <p>Josh C 0-11-6-7-5<br> Justin 5-25-7-6-3<br> Terra 6-22-6-6-5<br> BB 2-15-5-7-3<br> Campbell 4-21-7-8-4<br> Toph 3-9-9-7-7<br> Jason 3-17-7-9-5<br> Cory 4-34-7-10-5<br> Bill H 3-20-8-3-6<br> Marion 3-20-9-3-6<br> Spencer 10-40-10-10-8<br> BillF 1-15-9-5-6<br> Barb 5-25-7-4-5<br> Clay 3-25-10-6-8<br> AliciaH. 4-20-5-5-4<br> Jeremy 5-20-8-10-6<br> JL 2-30-7-6-4<br> DP 8-27-8-10-4 MyZone* 711 Calories</p> <p><strong>MOD</strong><br> Max 7-17-6-4-6<br> Amanda 4-26-10-6-5<br> Matt H 5-44-6-2-5<br> Kat 3-40-4-7-4<br> Chandra 6-43-5-5-4<br> Kyle G 6-30-7-6-6<br> Tammi 2-48-5-10-3<br> Amy 4-10-5-0-3<br> Meegan 7-50-6-3-5<br> Belinda 2-15-7-5-5<br> Jen L 2-36-5-9-5<br> Jeff 2-39-6-10-6<br> Michelle 3-46-5-9-4<br> Leslie 3-44-6-5-5<br> Bark 4-15-6-9-4 MY ZONE 609 Calories<br> Liana 5-4-30-7-7-4<br> Sue 3-40-7-6-3<br> Linda 6-51-9-2-4<br> WAM 4-20-5-10-4<br> Marie 2-15-5-7-3<br> Keith 2-14-6-7-5<br> G-race 5-7-5-3-4<br> Ray 5-20-6-5-4<br> Joc 2-40-6-5-4<br> Audrey 4-32-8-5-4<br> Michelle 5-39-8-7-2<br> Alicia C 3-22-4-7-3<br> Nichol 4-8-7-6-4<br> Joe 5-33-6-4-5<br> Carrie 1-28-3-5-4<br> Ryan 3-15-6-6-4<br> Steph 1-10-5-5-4<br> Brooke 3-50-6-0-9<br> Garrett 5-40-5-3-6<br> Amanda C 8-20-6-8-3<br> Blake 5-21-5-4-3<br> Brady 8-11-6-3-3<br> Jill 6-49-6-7-5<br> Michelle 4-32-4-8-3<br> Dumas 2-40-10-6-5<br> Scott 5-50-7-3-8<br> JLay 6-65-5-5-5<br> KK 5-9-6-4-5<br> Katie 6-52-6-8-5<br> Melonie 4-25-6-5-5<br> Carrie 1-30-5-5-5<br> Rob 4-15-8-5-6<br> Liz 4-14-4-6-3<br> Sandy 1-49-7-5-4<br> Brad 5-40-6-4-5<br> Justin 6-30-6-5-5<br> Tonya 5-40-4-13-5<br> Anthony 2-21-6-4-6<br> Joe 4-45-8-7-6<br> Erich 1-56-6-6-4<br> GMan 3-29-5-5-5<br> Eric 2-20-3-5-3<br> Barnett 4-27-6-4-5<br> Michelle M 3-40-5-8-4<br> Gooch 3-45-4-10-4<br> Ally 3-6-5-4-4<br> Deanna 4-43-4-7-3<br> Stephens 3-44-5-4-6<br> Alex 3-45-3-5-7</p> <p> <br> <br> ALT<br> Fran *My Zone 404 Calories </p>

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