Wednesday, Janurary 3rd, 2018

Whether you are an experienced or beginner crossfitter, you will find more results in the gym if your nutrition is working with you and not against you.  If you have yet to see results, or maybe you haven’t seen them in a while it may be time to check in with your diet.  Crossfit recommends that nutrition be the foundation to build upon.  Whether you are looking to see physical changes or better performance, nutrition will help you to achieve those goals.

We are offering a 6 week nutrition foundations program focusing on habit based nutrition.

What is habit based nutrition you ask? It is a method taught by Precision Nutrition to simplify nutrition by making a changing your relationship with food for the long haul rather than dieting in a way that you can only maintain for a short period of time.

Precision Nutrition is the leading organization in nutrition coaching and education for coaches. They have worked with over 200,000 people across 100 different countries. That kind of success is only built my a methodology that works and is lasting. Coach Jocelyn has been trained under this system and is bringing the expertise and knowledge directly to you in this 6 week program.

Learning the methods in this 6 week program will set you up for success by helping you create lasting lifestyle changes. In the same way you must come to the gym regularly to see results to maintain or improve fitness you must also be consistent with nutrition. Picking a diet that you can only sustain for a few months is like doing “2 a days” for many of us. You may see big results in that short window, but it is likely you will reach burnout and take a break from the gym (or binge eat all the food you missed). In the end this leads to going backwards in terms of reaching our goals.

For 6 weeks you will focus on small and simple habits that can drastically change your nutrition.  You will have accountability and support along the way! Continue to eat real food and enjoy real life.

Have you made the decision yet? Have you signed up yet?

Don’t miss out on this amazing 6 week nutrition foundation program with Jocelyn!!  Learn to he a healthier version of yourself!  Real Food, Real Life!

Our first group has completely sold out!  If you would like to still be a part of this nutrition foundations program, we are looking to add a second class!  Sign up at the gym or message Jocelyn directly!!  Don’t miss out on starting your new year off right!



On the :45s for 9 Minutes
3 Strict Press From the Ground – Pick a weight

Hang Clean and Jerk
Sit Ups
L1: 75/55#, L2: 95/65#

Banded Shoulder Mobility – 1 Minute Per side, per position
-Bent over extended arm
-Behind back tricep flexion

Jared 412
Angie 814
Erika 653
PDiddy 434
KGilb 607
JFruh 626
Tammi 754
Josh C 550
Max 754
6’9″ 850
Tonya 614
Shaq 638
Jeff W 656
Sp K 555
Bob 545
Mandy 742
Terra 618
JLord 633
Woo 757
Sully 650
Brett 553
Chris 628
Toph 522
McKown 414
Jenny 527
Christa 418
Budge 609
Carolann 514
Chase 638
Herder 532
Andrew 615
Travis 630
Bachli 626
Max L 401
Annie 725
Kanon 503
Jon S 732
Heim 507
Mere 514
Loveland 551
Sarah 439
Vance 659
Jewels 556
Joe M 435
Aimee F 536
DP 525
SM 342
Shannon 1135
Megan 629
Robin 623
Joe H 459
Jen R 630

Aimee O 658
Gary B 803
Marino 806
Liana 921
Barb 955
Jim 706
Richard 620
Riad 630
Tweedy 606
Kristen 744
Ashleigh 532
Hollywood 526
Portia 937
Nate 724
John A 819
Scotty P 627
Tracy 724
Susie 800
Michelle A 819
Sean F 615
Ren 504
Brad 511
Kristi 738

Janet 840
Paytra 804
Carol 635
Mississippi 743
Amber 707
David 707
Amy T. 802
HMroz 756
Joanna 932
Kelly 533
Kevin 631
Mick 603
KK 645
Sneed 730
Patrick 435
Clayton 651

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