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Amanda b4 and after

Amanda Winter
When did you start Crossfitting?
April 2015
Favorite wod
I like to be challenged id say i like the wods with more cardio because after i get passed wondering if im going to die i feel amazing
Least favorite wod
Anything with burpees or toes to bar.

Favorite lift
Power snatch
Least favorite lift
I dont necessarily have a least favorite, over head squats are hard for me because of my shoulder surgery.
Tell us bit about yourself
I am a pediatric nurse. Im married to my high school sweetheart we 3 kids. Growing up i was very athletic i was on varsity cheerleading and varsity softball i had never had trouble with weight until i had my 3rd child. With my first two pregnancies the weight fell off of me by 6 weeks post-partum. After my 3 rd child i got really down because 7 months after delivering i was  the biggest id ever been. Finally after throwing away all my pre pregnancy clothes and almost giving up i decided to try crossfit.  Everyone had told me that you have to be fit and in shape to do crossfit.  I decided to try it anyways because i figured id rather it anighalate me then me stay how i was. I went to one class and yes i wanted to die but i signed up that day.
What were you doing before CrossFit
Nothing other than feeling sorry for myself

What were your thoughts after your first Crossfit workout
That kicked my butt, and strangely i loved it!
What were your goals when joining Crossfit?
Loose weight, get toned and stronger
Have you achieved any of those goals?
Absolutely! Im not afraid of summer clothes anymore and am the strongest that ive ever been
Has Crossfit affected your life outside the gym?
I have more energy everyday. When i started seeing results it motivated me to also eat better.
Any advice for people getting started?
Dont quit! You will want to die sometimes, but when u push yourself the results are complete satisfaction!
Some of your recent accomplishments
My endurance has greatly improved!
Unless there are a ton of reps i can lift with weights now, where before the bar was enough.
I have my confidence back!!



“Tabata Gone Bad”
Wall Balls (20/14#)
Push Press (75/55#)
Row (Calories)
KB Sumo DL High Pull (53/35#)
*Rest 1 Min between movements
*Score = Total Reps


SteveC 229
Best 248
RyanH 233
Belinda 280
Travis 290
Clay 328
Meegan 257
Max 276
JenL 224
Pete 285
MattH 250
Kyle 263
Jeremy 300
Josh 259
Taylor 211
April 140
Terra 317
Gary 284
Chad 211
JeffW 267
Carolann 230
MatB 188
Brooke 230
JD 245
Budge 240
Linda H 236
John S 236
Joc 182
Joe H 332
Cory 305
Mandy 201
J 262
Seth 221
Scotty P 220
Marion 335
Mike B 228
LMello 237
Kelly 207
TNasty 274 30#WB
Kanon 223
Brandon 215
Uriah 183
Bri 212
Papa Smurf 292 95#PP
Austin 292 30# Wall Ball
Carrie 228
Jocelyn 289
Travis 242
Vance 296
Joe 242
Bennett 221
Wes 223
Meredith 285
Michelle A 223
DP 293
Erich 215
David 184


Rick 207
Chandra 267
Tammi 190
JustinB 277
Alicia 232
Jamie 228
Derick 243
Steve 215
Liana 202
Heidi 200
Drew 210
Kenzie 269
Madison 184
Barks 268
Kelly G 222
Colin 221
Carrie 163
Dumas 265
Christine 217
Steph F 184
Kyle H 269
Liz 223
Tasha 206
Lesa 211
J Lay 248
Mick 283
Laura 213
W Jane 221
Leiner 303
Liz 207
Justin 201
Russ 163
Denise P 235
Tim 242
Leja 196
Charity 239
Paul 224
TJ 242
Ryan 215
Alan 173
Nataleigh 212
Kayle 189
Delray 196
Tracey 222
Shayla 213

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