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With summer in full swing, having abs is a hot topic of discussion. What goes into having poppin’ abs, you ask?

Body fat levels absolutely impact if you have a visible six-pack. So keeping tight on your nutrition is key in order to show off all your hard work. Keep in mind, every person stores fat differently, so don’t be discouraged if you are someone who holds fat in their mid-section. Keep pushing and progress will happen! Although abs are made in the kitchen, it doesn’t stop there!

What else goes into it?


The same way each person’s body distributes fat differently, the way your physical abdominal muscles are built will influence how your stomach looks. If you browse REAL progress photos you will notice that the size, shape and insertion of the muscle can be drastically different.


Abdominals are muscles just like your biceps or glutes, so if you want them to make a statement then you’ve gotta work! The more developed and defined your abs are, the more shape they will have under your body fat. Even if you are training heavy compound movements, throwing in a few sets of direct ab training 3-4 days per week as a finisher is a surefire way to see progress. Not only does core work have aesthetic benefits, but it will also carry over into stability in your training, improve your posture and protect your back.

But of course abs are made in the kitchen!  Those abs are going to pop without proper eating!



4 Rounds:

400 Meter Run
10 Deadlift 225/155#
15 Pull Ups
*If you complete 4 rounds under 13 minutes, complete a 5th round= ADV

 Core Down
3 Rounds:

15 Second L Sit
15 Hollow Rocks


McKown 1731
SM 1539
Max L 1557
DLay 1546
Bill F. 1642


Amanda ?
Big Ben 1529
Jeff W 1714
Belinda 1513
Nicholl 1522
Sarah 1433
Sully 1709
Brett 1425
Jen D 1816
Munique 1947
Toph 1750
Bob 1459
Christa 1925
Hollywood 2251
Annie 1931
Bill H 1629
Kapitan 1528
Aimee F. 1729
Kirk 1338
KK 1647
Joe 1439
Jeff L 1824


J Fruh 1635
Aimee O 1628
Max 1544
Ted 1830
Michelle 1934
Natalie 1940
Faith 2000
Carolann 1930
Janet 1714
Darren 1445
Erika 1636
Tonya 2016
Liana 1956
Shaq 2150
Ryan H –
Courtney G Alt.
Bob 1758
Angie 1657
JLord 2012
GLord 1933
Ashleigh 1717
Joe 1933
Kelly G 1425
Michelle 1720
Cory 1522 (5rds)
Val 1843
John A 1808
Katie 1634
Travis M 1653
Kevin 1707
Kylee 1845
Chris 1503
Mick 1509
Joseph 1732
Beth 2043
Denise P 1821
Trina 1442
Dave N 2056
Lesa 1604
Don 1850
Deinise 2052
Susie 1505
Jason 1628
Darcy 1756
Travis 1554
March 1655

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