Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Eat Real Food

“Look at trends, not outliers.” The nutrition trend in the professional athletic community is pretty clear. Athletes are eating cleaner and with more precision than ever before. They are eating more REAL food. More lean conventional meats or hearty grass-fed meats. More healthy fats and vegetables. They are eating quality carbohydrates and at optimal times. Supplementation has become clearer, and more athletes are using fish oil, high quality whey, and vitamin D3.

Then there are the outliers. The ones that are labeled “freaks” because they seem to eat whatever they want, stay super lean, recover quickly, and perform just as good as ever. One of two things is happening in these instances. The first is that the athlete truly does have a “crap” diet. They may be super lean and thus have a super high metabolism. They may have an extremely low resting heart rate and life stressors, leading to a better hormonal environment as well as better body composition. Even in these cases, I would argue that the athlete is not performing OPTIMALLY. The absolute best athletes control every single factor they can. The second possibility is that the athlete’s diet is not as it seems. Take an Instagram account for instance. Pictures of donuts, beer, ice cream, cheeseburgers, etc. are fun, funny, and maybe “bad ass.” Does that mean that this is what his/her diet consists of? Not necessarily.

There is so much good, free information on the Internet regarding nutrition. I know a ton of people that jump from diet to diet, fretting about the faults of each one. The key is to pick from the stack of great diets and stick to one for a while. It will help you become more disciplined and give you some usable data about how that diet works for you.

The truth is, following a strict diet takes a lot of willpower. Willpower is a FINITE resource within our brain. There are a few ways you can make following a diet easier for yourself:

  1. Make sure the people you spend the most time with know about your diet and support it. The people in our social circles have THE BIGGEST impact on plenty of our life decisions, including our diets. Oh, they constantly make fun of you? Set boundaries. If they don’t respect them, maybe find some new friends that support your goals or just don’t eat around those people.
  2. Plan and pre-prepare your food. One of the hardest moments for anyone on a diet is to be very hungry with no healthy food in sight. So plan for that situation by preparing you food far in advance, going as far as to write down what you are going to eat that day. It may not be fun, but it works.
  3. Don’t be so “black and white” with your thinking. One slip up, whether planned or not, is no grounds for termination of the diet. Allow yourself planned cheat meals to prevent becoming overwhelmed by the constraining nature of a strict diet.

Again, just because one athlete “eats whatever he wants” doesn’t mean you can or should. Follow the trends, not the outliers



1000 Meter Row

-Rest 2 Minutes-

30 Burpees

30 Hang Power Cleans (L1: 95/65#, L2: 115/75#, L3: 135/95#)

30 Burpees

-Rest 2 Minutes-

1000 Meter Row


Core Down

3 Rounds:

60 Ft. 1 Arm Farmer’s Carry (Each Side)

5 Plank Up Downs (Slow & Controlled- Keep back & hips neutral)

Level 3
Max 2142
Toph 1753
Lisa 2200
Bill H 2044
Kapitan 1917
Max L 1705
T Nasty 1628
J Tob 1733
Courtney 1930
P. Diddy 1852
Bill 1741
Joe 1720

Level 2
Cates 1954
Amanda 1850
Shaq 2223
Christa 1909
Beth 1933
JLord 2109
Nate 1952
Tavis 2008
Annie 2133
Aimee F. 1915
Jen R. 2009
SPK 1835
Kate 2041
Robin 2127

Level 1
Jim 2011
Gary 2257
Erin 2249
Jeff W 1826
Christine 2319
Faith 2459
McKown 1620
Sully 1724
Jenny 1953
Cory 1646
Bre 2139
Hollywood 2009
John A 2050
Sam 2035
Amy B. 2004
Cody 2050
Fran 2059
Jesse 2530
Todd 1745
Bree 2118
Mer 1856
Kyle 1727
Matthew 2223
Don 2123
LC 1757
Patrick 1949
Shannon 2251
Michelle 2145
Beth 2212
Jenn 2259
Craig 2049
Tracey 2203
Racheal 2332


Kara 2151
Ted 2330
Barb 2439
Michele W 2104
Carol 1830
Dave N 2435
Kevin 1844
Darcy 2417

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