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What to do when you don’t like vegetables.




What can you do when you have serious health and fitness goals…but you just don’t like vegetables? First, know that you’re not crazy (and you’re not alone). Next, try our 3-step formula to go from spitting out to seeking out the veggies you used to hate.

You should eat your vegetables.

“Eat your veggies” is a childhood mantra, a government agency slogan, and a lesson that almost any health or fitness coach will eventually teach their clients.

Even newbies know they should be “eating the rainbow” (though they don’t always know how).

Yes, vegetables are good.

Of course, in theory, you could eat “too many vegetables”… but for most people, that would mean eating several pounds a day. (And lots of bathroom unpleasantness).

Most people, of course, have the opposite problem: barely eating any vegetables at all.

3 steps to really love your veggies

Regardless of where you’re starting — never eaten a green thing ever, or just want some new ways to eat plants — there is a simple formula you can use to make bitterness less intense, more palatable, and much more enjoyable:

  1. Challenge.
  2. Complement.
  3. Cushion.

1. Challenge.

Find a bitter food, something that requires a special effort, and something that you won’t normally just eat.

Psych yourself up. Put on your ragiest, peppiest music as a soundtrack. Do a primal scream.

You’re going to TASTE that kale! YEAHHHHHHH!!! BITTER BEAST MODE!!!


Do it.

See what happens.

You may hate it… you may love it… you may just think “meh”.

Either way… you have now been brave, and at least tried it.

Research suggests that we may need to try new foods many times before we’ll tolerate or like them. So, challenge yourself regularly. You might be surprised about what happens.

2. Complement.

Building on the complexity of flavor perception, almost all well-developed recipes use a kind of “flavor harmony”.

In this case, it means pairing a food or aromatic with your vegetable to push several taste/flavor buttons at the same time.

We can actually predict some of this harmony in advance now, using complicated measurements like gas chromatography. But generally, we rely on chefs — who often have amazing intuition about “what goes with what” — to do it for us.

3. Cushion.

Pairing bitterness with certain flavors can magically turn its volume down.


On your tongue, you have a variety of receptors that bind to the chemicals in food. When these receptors get a chemical signal, they send information to the brain about what you are “tasting”.

(Variations in the number and type of these receptors help give us our innate flavor preferences.)

Chemical signals are like cars on a roadway. Sometimes the road to the brain is clear, sometimes the road can get jammed.

Sweet and fatty flavors, in particular, can jam up the road and interfere with our brain’s perception of bitterness. Even the specific types of sugar and fat can matter (for instance, butter versus olive oil; glucose versus fructose, etc.)

So, after we have chosen our Challenge food and a Complement, we find a Cushion.

Excellent Cushions for bitterness include honey, maple syrup, oil, almonds, and butter.

Don’t freak out if those sound calorie-dense. We just need balance, not a cup of oil or a pound of bacon.

Now, check out the matrix below.

  1. Pick one challenge.
  2. Pick one complement.
  3. Pick one cushion.

Pay attention to the simple cooking methods, which help you preserve the vegetables’ texture (mush ends here, people.)

As you become more comfortable, experiment with combining more flavors — up to one item per category. The different combinations are endless.

Read the full article HERE.



Buy In: 750 Meter Row

3 Rounds:
10 Pull Ups
15 Burpees
20 SDHP 95/65#

Cash Out: 750 Meter Row

Core Down

3 Rounds:
5 Plank Up Downs
20 Bicycles

SM 1254
JFruh 1827
Shaq 2303
Chad 2112
Terra 1337
Rachel 1745
Natalie 1915
Meghan 1930
JLord 2105
Mandy 2201
Connor 2011
Cory 1440
Bre 2105
Munique 2035
Barry 1558
Carolann 1846
Andy 1805
Kanon 1846
McKown 1339
Ray here
Bob 1900
Hollywood 2128
Christy 1814
LMello 1827
Woo 2126
TJob 1437
Special K 1814
MRoz 1709
Annie 1922
Max 1514
Nate 1921
Jen 2025
Jason P 1726
J Herder 2123
P Diddy 1659
Bill 1335
K Herder 1540
Kyle G 1636
Sarah W 1718
Aimee F 1709
KK 1615
Michael 2416
Gene 2559
Beth 2442
Carrie 2103
Jeff L 2009
Travis 1840
Alan 2207
Joe 1605
Jim 2330
Craig 2412

Faith 2600
Tonya 1945
Barb 2342
Caspar 2500
Sara 2059
Aimee 1835
Megan 1900
GLOrd 1903
Val 2105
Megan 1917
Carol 2153
Johnna 2126
Karen 2043
Sabrina 2019
Jen L 1811
Leslie 1827
Kathy 2126
Aaron 2210
Jon 1952
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Nichole 2228
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Kirk 1421
Ryan H 1928
Scotty 1648
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Tessie 1920 *Welcome
Joseph 2055
Shannon 2153
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Natalie 1943
Adam 2223
Kelli 2109

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