Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

What you eat is more important than what you lift

Nutrition is a HUGE part of how successful you will be in your fitness goals and in your life whether your goal is to lose weight, become stronger and faster or to just maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You are definitely what you eat and your food has EVERYTHING to do with how you look, how you feel, and how you perform at the gym and as well as in your life. Here at The Gym of Castle Rock & CrossFit Castle Rock we believe that nutrition is the foundation of your health and fitness. We provide all our members with a number of options to help educate and promote a healthy eating lifestyle.

Nutrition is key to improving at crossfit, if you’re not eating enough food you won’t have enough energy to support your training and if you aren’t eating the right sorts of food you won’t be feeding your body with the nutrients  necessary to support your recovery and growth.

Popular diets in the Crossfit world include Paleo, primal & zone which I encourage you to find out more about.

It is up to you how strict you want to be with your nutrition, if you’re looking to be really strict I would highly recommend giving one of the above a go, or even a cross between two of the above. However if this is the first time you are re-evaluating your diet and you don’t want to give yourself a complete shock to the system a good way to start would be to increase your protein intake from lean meats such as chicken, turkey and fish; eat lots of vegetables; eat some fruits (as these are higher in sugar than vegetables); get more of your fats from monounsaturated fat such as olive oil, avocado’s and nuts; and less from saturated fat; reduce your intake of high glycemic carbohydrates (those that raise blood sugar too rapidly) such as white rice; white bread; potatoes; sweets and sugary drinks; in favour of lower glycemic alternatives such as brown bread, sweet potatoes and vegetables. recommends starting your crossfit journey by splitting your calories between the following: 30% Protein, 40% Carbs & 30% Fats.

For a FREE NUTRITION Consultation, contact us at 303-663-4966 or email us at, just ask for your FREE CONSULTATION with COACH B!

20 Minute AMRAP:
15 Overhead Squats 95/65#
15 Pull-ups
15/12 Calorie Row
15 Russian Twist 45/25# Plate

4 Sets:
30 ‘ Lid Drag
30 second V-Sit Hold



Long 6+58
Mroz 4+3
Max 3+7
Brink 4+50
Clay 4+30
Travis 5+30
Kyle G 4+10
Best 4+15
Fruh 4+15
Meegan 4+3
Sm 7+1
Cates 4+25
Josh 4+30
Corrigan 4+45
G Lord 3+15
Belinda 6+20
Matt 4+3
J Lord 4+17
Cory 6+7
Toph 4
Hollywood 3+41
A Prince 5+15
Steph F 3+38
Max L 4+10
Genna 4+23
Kapitan 5+30
Carrie H 4+30
Terra 7
Ruisi 6+25
Bill F 5+30
Aimee 5+15
Jocelyn 5+2
Mer 4+16
KK 4+48
Alicia 4+34
Jen 4+2
Nicole 4+10
Joe 4+50
Jesse 4+15
DP 5+35


Doug ?
Gary 5+54
Barks 4
Janet 4+62
G Mello 3+45
Jeff W 4+10
Michelle 4+18
Roy 3+30
Keith 4+13
Heidi 4+20
John 4+28
Ray 4+25
Karen 4+15
Nicholl 4
Sara 3+41
Scotty P 4+5
Tweedy 4+15
Kathy 4+13
Kanon 3+42
Megan 6+3
Grace 5+1
Andy 4+9
H Mroz 4+13
Bre 4+3
Ali 4+33
Caroline 6+45
Brett 4+15
Lauren N 5+35
B-rad 4
Travis 4+15
Aaron 3+36
Nate 4+15
Christine 4+5
Brandon 4+6
Michelle 5+8
Dawn 4+15
Chris 4+5
Dave 3+25
Wray 3+25
Caleb 2
Erich 3+45
Daisy 4+17
Liz 4+12
Katie 3+33
Denise 4+11
Sierra 4+20
Brynn 4+17
Jen 4+12
Kristi 5+3
Wilma Jane 5+7
Dave 4+22
Grace 4
Ian 4
Don 4+45
Marianne 4+32
Curtis 4+5
Tom  3+5
Renee 4+1
Alex 4+10
Justin 4
Kayle 4
Franny 6+12
Grace 6+15
Barbara 4+26

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