Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Lifting heavyThis one’s for the ladies!
Because I keep finding myself having to have this conversation with the ladies…
“I need to get my exercise program dialed in.”
“I just want to be more toned.”
“What does ‘toned’ mean to you?”
“You know, nice toned muscles, but not too big.”
“Right. So you’re saying that you want to be able to see your strong muscles?” [trick question]
“Yeah, I guess. I just don’t want to end up looking like a bodybuilder.”

“I promise you that you will not wake up one day and look like an extremely muscular bodybuilder. You are female, and you’re not taking steroids. The likelihood that you are going to accidentally get too muscular is approximately zero.”

“So I need to lift heavier? Like, squats and deadlifts?”

“Hallelujah, yes!”

Let’s get one thing clear: there’s no such thing as “toning”. You can make muscles stronger, and you can lose body fat so that they are more visible (this is where good dietary choices come in). But doing light weight, hi-rep exercises to avoid “bulking up” means that you are improving your muscular endurance, but you’re not getting stronger. And if there is one thing that I have learned about physical capacity for healthy, happy, sexy, useful humans that age gracefully, it’s this: strength matters. And you don’t have to look like a competitive powerlifter to be strong and useful. (And don’t underestimate the influence of diet on how well you can see those shapely muscles.

I want you to think back to when you were in the best shape of your life…
How old were you then?
Most of you will reply with some answer involving your teens and in some sort of sport.

The reason I ask is to point out something that you might not have considered. The reason you were in your best shape ever in your teens is because that’s when you had the most muscle. As we age, for a whole lot of reasons, we tend to lose muscle. Muscle is a big driver of metabolism, so losing it sets up a negative cycle. You lose muscle, which causes a drop in metabolism, which causes you to gain fat, which further lowers your activity levels, which causes more muscle loss and so on ans so forth.

So ladies the conclusions is…Eat Properly, Lift Heavy & Get IT EVERYDAY!!!!!


3 Rounds, For time:

100 Double Unders
50 Med Ball Cleans 20/14#
20 Calorie Row


4 Sets:
10 GHD Sit Ups Or 10 V Ups
20 Hollow Rocks

Longo 16:13
Max 28:44
Mroz 25:03
Heim 23:46
Travis 17:47
Amanda 17:27
JLord 24:20
Josh 26:59
Belinda 20:37
Gary M 24:07
Sneed 20:06
Terra 18:26
John 2140
Patrick 2720
Cates 2407
Toph 2435
Marion 1859
Jen D 2129
Cory 1812
Kapitan 2044
BillH 2703
David 1822
Mike 2226
Brett 2150
Brandon 2320
Travis 2329
PDiddy 2344
KK 1718
Gregg 2100
Vance 1730
Aaron 2232 *Welcome
Ruisi 1830
Chris 1755
Erin 2251
Travis 2214
DP 1856
Alex S 2555
Matt S 2839

Best 23:21
Tammi 24:09
Ryan 23:25
Court 21:12
Chad 27:03
Matt 27:56
Janet 24:00
Jacob 27:45
Keith 22:56
Alyse 23:57
Michelle ?
LIana ?
Roy 27:50
Heidi 27:03
Val 2539
Matt 2624
Jenn C 2715
Trina 2919
Nicholl 2150
Michael 2439
Tweedy 2433
Shaq 1723
Ray 2330
Sarah 2332
Megan 2150
Brooke 2412
Hollywood 2614
HMroz 2700
Kanon 2245
Bre 2515
Lauren 2505
Caroline 2143
Lizzy 2138
Lesa 2459
Christine 2523
Scott 2547
Sam 2708
Rich 2320
Denise P 2355
Katie 2358
Daisy 2535
Charity 2428
Russ 2727
Kayle 2520
Don 2600
Beth 2541
Jen R 2411
Alan 2641
Nataleigh 2617
W Jane 2420
Marianne 2524
Omar ?
Natalie 2045
Austin 2430

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