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I workout five to six times a week, so why am I still out of shape?

Being a member of CFCR it would be safe to assume that you’re active and somewhat knowledgeable about health and fitness, but some of you may still be asking yourselves, “Why am I still not in shape like I think I should be after all the wods I’ve been doing?”

“I come five to six days a week but I still have this layer of fat around my stomach.”

These kinds of statements come to me all the time. Generally from people who are somewhat knowledgeable about fitness.

How could this be after all the hard work you put in here at CFCR?

You are facing one of two uncomfortable things:

  1. Not being consistent with exercise and eating as they’d like or having a hard time sticking to things.
  2. Not getting the results you should based on how much you know about working out and eating healthy

I realized that all these statements being made are similar among most members I talk to. If I have a chance to consult with any of you and dig a little deeper I will find members admitting things such as:

  • When things get busy, you struggle to be consistent. They frequently get off track with eating and skip workouts.
  • You admit to trying different workout programs, diets and supplements. But still missing something important.
  • Often you are frustrated and embarrassed. Feeling you should have a better body to show for your hard work.

The “missing link” to having your best body

If you have a certain level of knowledge and experience, the missing link is no longer a new exercise program, the perfect nutrition plan, or a new supplement to try.

The one thing you’re missing is this:

being accountable-to someone or something-for your workouts and nutrition.

“Accountability is the acknowledgment of responsibility for your actions with the obligation to report, explain, and be responsible for the resulting consequences.”

In other words, accountability keeps you consistent because you have to report back what you’re doing-or not doing- in the gym and in the kitchen to someone else.

Grab a group of friends & let me help you reach your goals by keeping you accountable and consistent!

I am now accepting new clients for GROUP NUTRITION starting the week of June 6th.
This will be a 4 week program at a cost of $150 per person.
We will meet as a group once a week for four weeks.
What you will get:
  • A review of your diet.
  • Group discussion on topics most concerning the group as a whole…ie: meal planning & shopping, eating out right, emotional eating,maintaining good habits, recipes etc…
  • A personalized email each week to help you in reaching your goals and to use as “homework” to be completed before the next class meets.
Times available:
Monday/Thursdays: Daytime-Evening
Friday: Mornings-Daytime
*A minimum of 4 to start a group & no more than 10



Wall Balls 20/14#
KB Swings 53/35#

*150 Meter Run before every round

3 Rounds

3 Turkish Get Up Left

3 Turkish Get up Right

SM 15:09
JLord 17:41
Tammi 20:16
Amanda 12:58
Josh 15:19
Aubrey 15:24
Fruh 14:06
Brink 15:10
Smitty 13:57
Clay 12:08
Michelle 19:20
Jeff 15:38
Shaq 18:45
Drew 16:52
Carolann 18:33
Belinda 14:20
APrince 1321
Nicholl 1702
Jocelyn 1721
Cates 1622
GLord 1544
McKown 1309
Toph 1553
Marion 1511
Carrie 1902
Wes 1521
Caroline 1810
Justin 1520
Max 1218
Brad 1659
Kyle G 1308
Mer 1436
Brooke 1607
Bill F 1220
Aimee 1744
Erin 1505
Kayle 1855
Adam 1527
Matt S 1554
Drew 1705

Carol 19:52
Janet 18:54
Liana 19:54
Trish 19:40
Roy 18:59
Alyse 17:17
Brie 20:11
Jacob 16:02
Megan 16:14
Keith 14:56
Chad 15:35
Heather 17:34
Val 1642
Nicole 1602
Karen 1640
Hollywood 1634
HMroz 1716
Charity 1758
Meghan 1731
Alison 1714
Barks 2051
BradH 1656
Rachel 1821
Brian 2550
Josh 1804
Cassie 1945
Megan 1711
Amanda 1747
Jason 1758
Mike 1633
Melanie 1730
Michelle 1711
Cali 17112
Gene 2033
Beth 1706
Jen R 1826
Ian 1957
Grace 2002
Francy 1621
Don 1840
Kristi 1916
Tawnya 2207
Joseph 2200
Gina 1956

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