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TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!  Don’t miss out on your FREE TRIAL!

Our Castle Rock Barbell Club trial period begins TOMORROW! Classes will be:
Wednesday – 5:30am, 8:30am & 6:30pm
Saturday – 8:00am & 9:00am

Please be sure to SIGN UP AT THE FRONT Desk if you are interested in trying out a class and see what it’s all about!

We are so excited to have such a strong response to the start of this club!
Nick B
Meghan N
Ashley M
Amy B




Water is an essential ingredient to ensuring our bodies continue to function properly each and every day. It has an incredible impact on our performance, mood, energy and progress. Each day, our bodies lose water through the excretion of body fluids, such sweat and urine. This then has to replaced through the liquids and foods we consume throughout the day. To allow us to be able to continue performing at our peak, it is important that we pay attention to our intake and remain adequately hydrated throughout the day. Water has many amazing health benefits to offer, in addition to being free, readily available and the most macro friendly refreshment around!

Below are just some of the ways water works for you:

It help to regulate body temperature
Provides the body with important vitamins and minerals
Aids digestion
It helps to flush out nasty toxins
Increases feelings of satiety
Aids weight loss
Promotes progress and muscle growth
Helps to lubricate our joints
Improves energy, focus and clarity
Boosts our immune system
Speeds up our metabolism
Essential for proper muscle function

Tips and Tricks to increase your water intake:
-Place a flask on your desk to keep this front of mind.
-Make it a part of your routine by filling up your water each time you make a trip to the copier, the washroom, or get up from your desk.
-Always carry a water bottle with you no matter where you go – Handbag, manbag or gym bag!
-Setting reminders in your phone or on your computer!
-Download a water tracking app such as Plant Nanny, Water Logged or My Water Balance
-Drink through a straw
-Add Water Enhancers such as MIO
-Spice it up with refreshing mint, cucumber, lemon or lime – whatever comb tickles your fancy
-Switch up to sparkling water for a change of pace!
-Infuse a jug overnight with refreshing fruits or spices
-Make ice cubes with fruit flavored water
-Consume fruits and veggies with a higher water content such as watermelon strawberries, lettuce, cucumber, peppers, and eggplant just to name a few!

There many different ways to increase your water intake throughout the day.





1000 Meter Run
50 Walking Lunges
50 KB Snatches 35/25#
800 Meter Run
50 Walking Lunges
50 KB Swings 35/25#
400 Meter Run

ADV= 53/35#

Core Down
3 Rounds

15 Sec L Sit Hold
20 Sec Hollow Rock Hold

Clay 2011
Terra 1959 ADV.+
Barry 2257
McKown 1957
Nicholl 2211
Toph 2010
Max 1734
Min 2620
Joe 1916

Amanda 1742
Ryan 2157
Tammy 2212
Josh 1846
Shaq 2243
Jared 1734
SM 1653
Belinda 1824
Chad 2255
Mello 1736
Spencer 1653
Belinda 1824
Jeff 2015
Chad 2255
G Mello 1736
Justin 1636
Jon 2027
Tweedy 2516
Mandy 2348
Munique 2304
Connor 1841
Val 2318
Andy 1839
Frank 1942
Bre 2201
Travis 2258
Reggie 2316
Budge 2111
Sydney 2012 *Welcome
Don 2230
Kate 2136
Joe 1732
Kristi 2524

Kelli 2257
Max 2222
Michelle 2420
Erin 2406
Leslie 2319
Janet 2304
Keith 1806
Scott 2800
Sage 2610
Randy 2244
Johnna 2358
Liana 2733
Michelle 2420
Erin 2406
Janet 2304
Keith 1806
Scott 2800
Sage 2610
Randi 2244
Johnna 2358
Liana 2733
Woo 2117
McKay 2054
Sabrina 2615
Travis 1833
Ellie 2310
Kelli 2500
Amy 2346
Carolann ?
Hollywood 2259
Dave 2645
Lesa 2535
Caroline 2210
Annie 2600
Michelle 2222
Mark 2401
Ben 2328
Jen S 2221
Tyler 1946
Suzi 2032
Beth 2352
Katrina 2200
Natalie 1955
Charity 2541
Pete 1750 *Welcome
Mary 2550 *Welcome
Sprinkles 2031
Alicia E 2339

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