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Carbohydrate Selections:
The Right Carb for the Right Job


By: E.C. Synkowski




Whole, unprocessed carbohydrate sources have significant health and performance benefits that might go unnoticed with macronutrient counting. For example, a doughnut and an orange can both provide the carbohydrate grams one needs, but other constituents should be considered. Even honey has more health value compared to table sugar due to the vitamins and minerals it contains. This brief describes some of the factors to consider when selecting carbohydrates, including total carbohydrate grams. While the brief is not meant to be exhaustive, this information can help someone make more optimal choices based on needs and goals.

When selecting a carbohydrate, consider these components:

• Total carbohydrate (for body composition)
• Non-caloric constituents (for health)
• Fiber (for satiety)
• Glucose vs. fructose (for recovery)

Choosing the Most Optimal While spinach and kale are low in carbohydrate load, high in fiber, and offer a dose of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, they might not be the most optimal choices at all times.

For example:

• Variation: The greater the diversity in one’s diet, the greater the diversity in the micronutrients and phytochemicals consumed. It is best to rotate whole food sources to maximize coverage across all nutrients.

• Realistic: Excessive consumption of (green) vegetables to meet carbohydrate needs is uncomfortable at best, if not impossible or even stressful for the digestive system (assuming consumption of more than 100 grams of carbohydrates per day).

• Mass gain/compressed feeding window: Those looking to gain weight might specifically try to avoid fiber and target carbohydrate-dense foods simply to achieve daily targets. Others might employ the same strategies when eating in a compressed window (e.g., fasting).

• Performance: Athletes might find increased performance when incorporating lesser-quality sources specifically near workout times. Quickly absorbed nutrients can aid the recovery process. This is more appropriate for someone doing multiple sessions a day, endurance athletes, and/or individuals with the more important aspects of their diet already dialed in (such as consistently eating quality foods in known quantities).

• Enjoyment: Many people find enjoyment in some treat that cannot be justified based on its ingredients. And that’s OK! Dietary indiscretions can serve as sources of motivation for adherence and can be part of social enjoyment.

Overall, various carbohydrate sources can be “optimal” in different contexts based on these factors. It is generally best to select the majority of one’s carbohydrates from a wide variety of whole, unprocessed foods. These foods are the most nutrient dense and offer an array of nutrients that can optimize long-term health and performance, but they are not necessarily calorically dense and often inadvertently reduce total caloric intake by making people feel full. However, individuals can optimize choices to meet needs and even fit nutrient-poor and/or carbohydrate-dense items into a varied diet based on whole foods. The “right tool” can be selected for the right job without blanket descriptions of “good” or “bad” for specific carbohydrates.

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75/60 Calorie Row


Overhead Squats 75/55#
KB Swings 35/25#

Adv: 95/65 & 53/35 KB


3 Rounds:

5 Strict Chin Ups (palms facing you)
1 Minute Plank

Kyle 1028
JFruh 1048
Hiem 1307
Aubree 1103
Smitty 1042
Clay 906
Nicholl 1217
Kanon 1031
Terra 813
Marion 954
Toph 953
Logan 920
Chase 854
Dave 815
Sarah 1054
KK 1011
Aimee 1150
Mer 804
Bill F 756
Erin 843
Kirk 838
DP 1237
DLay 913
Rochelle 1300
Joe H 832
Corrigan 1308

MRoz 858
Tammi 1146
Amanda ?
Spencer ?
Josh 833
Pat 940
Jarret 758
Justin 1009
Sully 1024
Terri 1036
Meg N 1050
McKown 749
Val 1332
Tweedy 1130
Cory 800
Hollywood 1235
Bree 830
G Lord 1111
Carrie 1118
Fran 1036
Min 1041
Travis 947
Jenny 1105
Joe 1427
Dawn 1231
Ren 950
Jen 1054
Kate 1110
Stephens 1004
Kayle 1306
Jodi 1438

Meagan ?
Aimee 1112
Shaq 1053
Barbara 1124
Tonya 1040
Lianna 1059
Kieth 1001
Woo 1219
Karen 1206
MEghan 1106
Trent 1046
Sabrina 1240
McKay 1046
Ashleigh 1007
Kelli 1054
Carolann 1000
Grace 928
Kelly 1200
Michael 1422
Annie 1203
John 1210
Frank 1030
Brad 1122
Meghan 1212
Brittany 1206
Kevin 1027
Lesa 1232
Ben 1408
Jen s 1318
Ellie 1344
Ben 1024
Mark 1451
Becky 1225
Gene 1225
Denise 1201
Susi 1050
Sam 1058
Eric 1021
Erica 1050
Katrina 1216
Robin 1229
Amiee 1041
Walt 1022

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