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It’s no secret the standard American diet—with the appropriate acronym SAD—is the worst diet humans have ever eaten, and it has created a health crisis unlike anything seen in human history.

Within the last 100 years, we have gone from growing, harvesting and preparing food with our own hands to mass-producing concoctions in laboratories.

In the name of progress, we have blindly and tragically denounced many of our traditional, real foods as unhealthy, and replaced them with synthetic look-alikes.

Fearful of rising cholesterol levels and heart disease, we swapped real eggs for Egg Beaters, for example, and real butter for margarine.

Artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, hormones, antibiotics, trans fats, preservatives and pesticides have infiltrated our pantries and eateries, stripping us of our birthright of good health.

Most recently, in the 1990s, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were unleashed into our food supply before being tested for human safety. Since then, incidences of food allergies, digestive disorders and cancers have risen sharply.

We’ve become so far removed from foods in their natural state, that we now call such foods health foods, a sad admission that we’ve compromised our health for the sake of convenience.

The effects of our nutrient-deficient diets and sedentary lifestyles have taken their toll, not just on our bodies, but also on our souls and psyches.

Traditional wisdom and sheer intuition tell us not only is it unnatural to replace real food with chemical concoctions, but this way of eating simply cannot be sustained.

Good Nutrition

Good nutrition involves more than healthful food choices; it encompasses the care and feeding of the whole person, which has profound effects not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

At its most profound level, health is not just the absence of pain, stress or disease, but an abundance of vitality, passion and purpose.

It is the daily experience of wholeness and balance—a state of being fully alive. Getting to this state can begin with conscious, mindful food choices.

Good nutrition reaches beyond conventional approaches of dieting and calorie-counting, and employs a variety of approaches concerning food and nutrients, blending traditional, ancient food wisdom from cultures around the world with modern scientific discoveries, as a way to individualize what works best for each person.

It takes into account a person’s culture, lifestyle, constitution and how aggressive he wants to be with obtaining the results he wants to achieve.

Different illnesses, conditions or diseases have different nutritional requirements, and each responds to diet and nutrition uniquely. This holistic approach provides ways for each person to participate in the care of her health.

The underlying principles of holistic nutrition are nourishment, mindfulness, awareness and nutritional and environmental responsibility. It helps us to better understand food and appreciate it as an instrument of personal healing.

Nourishing ourselves according to holistic nutrition principles becomes a wise, mature and loving act of self-care.

Gradual Change

The word diet comes from the Greek word dieta, which means way of life. The Latin root of the word means a day’s journey. Holistic nutrition emphasizes and encourages us to approach changes in our food choices as a gradual process.

The key is to make real changes—changes we can live with successfully on a long-term basis—in the way we approach food, fitness and the challenges and opportunities of living. Changes are best achieved slowly, as our understanding of food and our individual needs deepen.

Although holistic nutrition is largely individualized, there are some basics that apply to all individuals who wish to follow holistic nutrition principles.

One of the main tenets of holistic nutrition is to eat foods in their closest-to-natural form as possible. The focus is on eating more SOUL foods—that is, foods that are seasonal, organic, unprocessed and local.

We find these are the type of foods that provide our bodies with the highest levels of nutrients and life-force energy. These are also the types of foods humans thrived on for thousands of years.

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800 Meter Row
40 Wall Balls 20/14#
25 Hang Power Cleans 95/65#
40 Wall Balls 20/14#
800 Meter Run

Core Down

3 Rounds:

1 Minute Side Plank Left
1 Minute Side Plank Right


Aubree 1458
Beth 1458
SM 1450
Amanda ?
Jared 1136
Sully 1406
Chris 1610
Munique 1605
Christa 1426
Michael 1815
Belinda 1455
Connor 1259
Terra 1259
Jon 1443
Mandy 2021
Herder 1730
Cory 1325
Travis 1242
Toph 1223
Bob 1451
Special K 1344
Lucky Charm 1323
Jenny 1444
Annie 1755
Kylee 1858
Max 1147
Josh P 1402
Bill 1505
John 1541
PDiddy 1228
Joseph 1545
KK 1647
6’9″ 1302
DLay 1400
Kirk 1354
Chase 1449
Min 1610
Steve 1327
Jen L. 1444
Joe 1252
Travis 1500



Richard 1609
Aimee O 1617
Barb 1743
Val 1834
Scotty 1450
Tweedy 1855
Mat 1524
Hollywood 1720
Mick 1445
Beth 1815
Ren 1356
Jen R. 1520
Shannon 1610
Megan 1426
Sarah 1400
Ali 1615
Trina 1444
Amiee 1757

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