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Learning to eat mindfully and with a purpose will be the most important skill on your journey to healthy eating.  Below are some tips and tricks to help you master the art of eating mindfully and with purpose.

  1. Understand your why. Ask Yourself:
    • Why do I want to eat?
    • Am I actually hungry?
    • Am I bored?
    • Am I emotional?
    • Do I need to fuel myself to train?
    • What do I really want to eat and will the choice that I make leave me feeling used and abused, or will I feel nourished and satiated, full with energy allowing me to keep crushing through the day and life?
    • Will the choice that I make now be the best choice for me later? — i.e. is this 22g cookie worth the 200g of delicious potatoes that I could eat with my dinner?
    • Am I ok with the possibility that I might be a really unhappy human later, who no one wants to be around?
  2. Plan a date with your foodPlan and think of your meal time similar to that of a date
    • Show up and be fully present.
    • Stop, take a breath and appreciate what you have in front of you!
    • Savor the moment.

    Even if you only have 5 minutes with your beloved sandwich or fat free cheesy omelet with oven baked fries – make the most of the time you have. You wouldn’t sit on your cell phone, talk to other people or work on the computer if you only had five minutes with your hot date, so why would you not give your beloved meal the same love and attention it deserves!

  3. Pay Attention To The Party In Your Mouth
    • Pay attention to how it feels to eat & engage all your senses
    • Occasionally check in with yourself and take note when you start to feel full
  4. Use Cutlery & Eat Slowly
    • Use cutlery to slow down your eating time
    • Eat only at the table where possible
    • Do not allow yourself to cut the next portion until you’ve swallowed the portion you have in your mouth
    • Slow down and enjoy the ride. Be it the texture of the bun, the creaminess of the melted cheese, the smell of the fresh bread… whatever amazing meal you’re consuming, when we stuff our face quicker than you can say boo, we allow no time for our brain to register that we’ve eaten. Try to keep in mind it takes roughly 20 minutes for this to happen. How many times have you finished eating and immediately want to eat again? At guess you were probably jamming your sandwich in your face whilst playing on your cell phone, all within the space of five minutes.
  5. Take a BreakStop mid meal and do something else for five minutes. This is something I try to do often. In the morning, I like to eat half my breakfast (fully present of course) then continue with preparing myself for work. When I return I have the remaining half of my breakfast left, I feel fuller than I did to begin with which helps me to eliminate over eating AND I get to enjoy the amazing flavors all over again!
  6. Get CreativeBusyness often destroys our ability to channel our creative juices into our daily routine. Use the time you have to embrace your inner artist. The beauty of adapting a flexible approach to your nutrition is that it allows you to create any masterpiece your heart and tummy desires. The opportunities are endless. All it takes is a little thought and feeling.
  7. Be GratefulMastering the art of gratitude takes practice, yet it’s one of the simplest and fulfilling ways we can open up our thinking and our lives to receiving love and joy. The ways in which we can choose to express this are endless. Below are some examples of how we can give thanks and be grateful each day:
    • For the meal itself
    • For the person and work that went into collecting and preparing the ingredients – the baker who baked your bread, the butcher who prepared your meat, etc.
    • For the beautiful people in your life.
    • For the endless opportunities that surround and are open to you.
  8. Give Yourself A High FiveFor just being you and being awesome!



Buy In: 800 Meter Run

3 Rounds:
7 Pull Ups
14 Slam balls 40/20#
21 Sit Ups

Cash Out: 800 Meter Run

Core Down

2 Rounds:

12 GHD Hip Extensions
1 Minute Plank

Tammy 1530
Josh 1334
Aubree 1219
Tonya 1613
Amanda ?
Jfruh 1303
Bill F 1133
Aaron 1403
gary 1639
Erin 1158
Jim 1532
Beth 1313
Jared 1052
Belinda 1214
Jeff W 1333
Mandy 15:20
Riad 14:48
Connor 11:10
Sp K 12:10
Steve 16:05
Jenny 13:58
Toph 13:48
Marion 11:43
Travis 12:00
Brett 11:50
CHrista 11:39
Ben 17:40
Tweedy 17:16
Hallywood 14:08
Fran 16:45
Bill H 14:39
Kapitan 12:12
Christy 13:43
Max 10:29
Annie 15:22
Andy 13:01
Josh P 14:26
Colt 1355
Sarah 1141
DLay 1637  5 rounds
Kirk 1620  5 rounds
Mer 1306
Joseph 1520
Aimee F. 1242
Jessica 1719
Michelle 1406
69 1615
Jason P. 1431
Darren 1409
SM 1145
Patrick 1227
Beth 1528
Bob 1220
JenLay 1312
Jen R. 1457
Joe 1212

Aimee O 1310
Angie 1458
Gary 1639
Max R 1525
Richard 1515
Ted 1649
Janet 1510
Liana 1508
Barb 1556
Shaq 1533
Carilann 15:12
Nicholl 13:37
Woo 17:52
Munique 15:04
Amy B 14:24
Rebecca 14:10
HMroz 17:40
Kelly G 17:38
Katie 15:40
John A 16:44
Chris S 12:50
Dave N 17:07
Ren 1350
Kyle G. 1358
KK 1429
Amber 1558
Marcia 1508
Mississippi 1702
Tracy 1558
SHannon 1328
Erika 1337
BDiddy 1820
Susie 1530
Trina 1412
Megan 1535
Portia 1650
Yvonnie 1900
March 1828
Robin 1753

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