Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

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Well here it is…my last nutrition post…only this week I am going to use it as my “see ya later” post. Good-byes are no fun!

This Thursday is my last day as a coach at CFCR after over four years. My family and I will be moving to Utah. Hopefully there will be a CrossFit there that has a spot for a sassy, tattooed, pierced girl with a sailor’s mouths that likes to dance!

Thanks a million times to Fran for allowing me to be apart of CFCR. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. I appreciate both Fran and Spencer for being patient with me in the beginning and giving me time to come into my own coaching style. Spencer (aka Boss Kid) guided me through a lot of insecurities and has been a great mentor to me along the way.

Thank you to all my coworkers! As we have continued to grow we have been lucky enough to have more great coaches join us and I have learned something in one way or another from each of you.

Thank you to every member that I have had the opportunity to coach. You have all been my teachers. You have all taught me how to be a coach. You have helped me to come out of my fear of leading. Teaching me how to watch movements. Showing me what motivates you all, when to back off & when to get in your face. Keeping me on my toes to be a good example & practice what I preach.

I will miss my early mornings, girl power, Friday Night Fights, WOD & Wine, “stupid coach tricks” and dancing at 1:30 pm and so much more! (I will not miss the 800 meter run ;))

Until next time…eat protein & squat heavy!





4 Rounds:

400 Meter Run
20 OH Plate Walking Lunges 45/25#
20 Toes-to-Bar


4 Rounds:

10 Ring Push Ups
20 Second Hollow Hold


Vance 1602
Tammi 2245
Cates 2320
Josh c 1734
GMello 2212
JeffW 2047
Belinda 1844
Court 2205
Mandy 2114
Jen D. 2042
2Scoops 1428
Sully 2043
Cory 1427
Justin 1518
Mckown 2035
LMello 2411
Brett 1447
Toph 2715
Kapitan 2140
Carrie H 2447
Darren 1840
Kyle 1830
Mere 1922
Aimee 1728
Matt C 2014
Nicholl 1948
Dawn 2322
Shala 2112
Eric 2112

Barks 2151
Amanda ?
Ren 1558
Ben 2317
Gary 1829
Eric 1808
Longo 1543
Kerri 1829
Shaq 1842
Keith 1807
Michelle 23330
Drew 2017
Deb 2134
Gretchen 2249
Erin 2148
Erica 2231
Jenna 2309
Jenni 2311
Gabriella 2030
Chad 1546
Meghan 1842
Connor 1700
Jared 1744
Jenny 1938
Tweedy 1919
Amy 1514
Sabrina 2400
Christy 2158
Brad 2053
Allyson 2028
Michael 2247
Natasha 2540
Annie 2344
Bre 2330
John 2230
Jake 2300
Dave 2338
Cannon 2040
Caroline 1814
Meghan 1959
Michelle 1707
Ellie 2120
Min 2145
Jason 2047
Sarah 1457
Mark 2008
Becky 2043
KDawg 2023
Luke 1952
Katrina 1805
Jen R 1944
Tracy 2042
Beth 2228
Doug 1900
Terry 1731 (3Rounds)
Natalie 1931
Joe H 1808
Lauren 1958
Ron D 1947
Francy 1808
Kelly 1851
Akicia E 1826
Stephens 2002
Kayle 1834
Cathy 2000
Don 1926


On Board 12

Push Jerk

EMOM x 6
5 Push Jerk (from the Rack)

4 Rounds:

12 Calorie Row
9 Box Jumps
6 Power Snatch

3 Rounds:
10 Ring Rows
10 Sit Ups

Marty 1113
Ashley 1120
Brandi 1106
Marsha 1115
Bobbisue 1124

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  1. Nicholl Reply
    I am going to miss you so much Coach B!! You have been such an inspiration to me. You have taught me so much and I wouldn't have made it this far without you. Make sure you come back and visit us! Love, Georgia
  2. Aimee Feldhake Reply
    B...I will miss you so much! I will continue to strive for your perfect form and awesome dance moves! I wish you and your family all the best!
  3. Jewels Reply
    Awwww, love my bestie !! I will miss you tons !!!
  4. Aubree Reply
    Oh B! I am so sad. I will never forgot my first wod, you were the coach and you were so encouraging. Thanks for everything, you have a gift and I hope you continue to use it at other gyms. Travis and I are really going to miss you! Good luck on all your future endeavors. T&A
  5. PDiddy Reply
    First Coach I met at CFCR 3 yrs ago. You are definitely gong to be missed here at the gym! Thank you for all your pointers and nutrition advice. Good luck with your fam in the new home! I'll drop in to your gym next time I'm out there!

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