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People say, “healthy eating is expensive.” But, consuming cheap foods like Taco Bell or mac and cheese may lead to costly health care bills down the road. When you look at it that way, what is the most budget friendly way to eat?

The good news is that healthy eating doesn’t have to mean pricey superfoods and fancy detox diets. You can actually prioritize your nutrition without going over your grocery budget. Here are some tips for the money conscious:

Shopping Tips

Here’s where you’ll find savings while browsing the aisles.

    • Shop Seasonal – Fruit and vegetables that are in season are more plentiful, so they’re often more reasonably priced. Additionally, produce is usually most nutritious in season.


    • Overripe – Extra ripe produce is ideal for baking, reducing, making sauces and mixing with oats or yogurt — and your local grocery store or vegetable market wants to sell them ASAP so they don’t have to throw them away! They will often have a section of discounted produce for quick sale. Otherwise, ask and they’ll look out back for you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this produce, it’s simply ready to eat now!


    • Frozen – Frozen fruit and vegetables are cheaper than fresh produce because they keep longer, so there’s less risk of having to throw them out if they don’t sell. One thought is that because they are snap frozen immediately after harvest they are just as fresh, if not more, than much of the fresh produce in the store.


    • Canned – Like frozen foods, canned goods have a long shelf life. So, they’re priced more reasonably. You can get canned corn, peas, beans and fruits for less than a dollar!


    • End of Day Farmers Markets– If you’re only buying a few things, looking to the farmers market for savings isn’t that great. You will get more ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of quality, but not necessarily volume. However, at the end of the day you can pick up good deals on the few items the stalls have left over. They don’t want to take home one onion and two tomatoes, so they’ll give it to you for a good price (and might even throw in some extras for free just to empty the lot!).


  • Buy Cheaper Cuts – Minced beef, stewing cuts, round/rump steak, chicken thighs, whole chickens and organs are all very affordable. Many of these cheaper cuts are either extra lean or extra fatty.
    Extra lean meat can sometimes be tough and dry. Prepare it by tenderizing, marinating, brining or slow cooking.
    With extra fatty meat, do your best to trim all the fat off, cook it with no oil and pat dry.

Bulk buy

Everyone knows that bulk buying is where the big savings are. But what should you buy and how should you find it?

    • Costco – Costco sells your everyday dry store products at wholesale prices: egg whites, frozen produce, cheeses, grains. You’ll save money and time buying your pantry staples in advance, giving you more opportunity to focus on searching for fresh produce on a weekly basis. Check out our list of Costco buys.

Reduce Wastage

Much of the money lost on groceries is due to people simply not eating all the food they buy. Simple strategies to reduce food waste will result in less money spent on food in general.

    • Get Creative – Can’t get that bit of peanut butter from the jar? Add oats and milk to the jar to make peanut butter overnight oats for tomorrow’s breakfast. Don’t know what to do with the random left overs you took home from a restaurant? Turn it into a salad, sandwich, or add some sauce and make it into a tasty pasta dish.


    • Preparation Leads to Less Waste – As soon as you bring your groceries home from the store, prepare them for easy and complete consumption. Pre-chopping, portioning or even cooking them all straight away helps you to stick to the plan you had when you first bought them, instead of forgetting or getting lazy.


    • Be Organized and Tidy – Fresh food in the crisper, labels, jars, shopping lists. All of these things help you to keep track of what you currently have so that you’re not doubling up or forgetting what food is in your inventory.

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5 Rounds:

400 Meter Run
15 KB Snatch Right 35/25#
15 KB Snatch Left 35/25#

ADV= 53/35#


Core Down
2 Rounds:

1 Minute Plank
15 V Ups

P Diddy 2235
Bob 23.13
Sp K 18:40
Brett 20:24
Nicholl 18:51
Travis 19:04
Marion 15:50
Toph 18:07
Max L 19:19
Andrew – WELCOME!! 25:02
Sarah 1911
DP 2516
Chase 2144
Joe 1728

Erin 1820
Aubree 1733
Beth 1849
Gary 2112
Aaron 2029
Jim 1945
Jared 1523
Ryan h 1938
Jeff W 18:20
Belinda 17:02
Connor 15:12
Sully 18:22
McKown 15:03
Jon 16:55
Michael 22:34
Amy B 21:49
Cory 14:47
Christina 17:29
Ray 17:00
Jenny 17:59
Jen C 19:49
Christy 18:40
Grace 21:29
Hollywood 18:27
Brad 18:53
Bill H 20:22
Annie 22:54
Kylee 24:48
Curt 18:42
Vance 15:37
Mer 1728
Aimee F. 2021
Josh 1717
Jessica 2026
Kyle G. 1638
DLay 1528
KK 2028
Andy 1533
Colt 1719
Carrie 2302
Erika 1954
Alejandro 2200
JenLay 1844
Travis 1604

Max 1835
Aimee O 1749
Angie 18:01
Janet 18:42
Liana 19:02
Erin 19:44
Megan 17:40
Bre 18:28
Shaq 16:38
Lauren 19:01
Bob 18:44
John A21:12
Katie 19:38
Lesa 21:58
Dave N 21:30
Chris 20:32
Darren 1457
Ren 1638
Denise 2023
Shannon 1826
Marcia 2148
Trina 1818
BRad 1920
Patrick 1649
Mark 1923
Deanna 2242
Jen R. 2250
March 2046
Kristi 2029


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